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This is the people's SUV! 0.38 yuan per kilometer, larger than H6

2021-08-25 13:28:22 Oriental Information automobile

Now in our country , The sales of many domestic cars are getting better and better , And the appearance of the model is getting higher and higher . Although the overall price is relatively low , However, domestic independent automobile brands have brought this point into full play , Just like Chery's jettu model that was launched some time ago ,7 Ten thousand yuan directly gives you a medium-sized car with high configuration SUV, This kind of cost performance is really good .

But now the domestic car market is not alone , There has been a good situation in which a hundred flowers contend . Today, I'd like to introduce a popular product of Dongfeng fashion T5() models , This is also a very strong SUV(), Cost performance is also quite good , And it's a new model just launched this year SUV models , Let's see T5 models .

price , popular T5 The official price of this model is 6.99 000 yuan to 15.68 Ten thousand yuan , The author has a local 3000 A discount of about RMB , The lowest price for this model is 6.7 Ten thousand yuan or so , The price is really pragmatic . Of course, the preferential rate of each city is different , The specific preferential details shall be subject to the local dealers . But the price is really close to the people , Many people can bear .

motivation , This is popular T5 There are many power configurations for this model , Equipped with a 1.6 Lift the air in naturally ,1.5T、1.6T and 1.8T A turbocharged engine . Such power is dazzling , But the advantage is that it gives consumers more choices , But for tangled consumers , It's not a good thing .

As for the gearbox, it's the same as the engine , A wide variety , Five manual gears are equipped respectively 、 The six gears are self-contained 、CVT Continuously variable transmission and seven gear double clutch transmission . All in all , All the gearboxes you can think of are basically equipped with , So buying is popular T5 when , There is no need to say that there is no suitable engine and gearbox . This is popular T5 The fuel consumption of the model is also quite good , Hundred kilometers 7.5 l , And it uses 92 Number of gasoline , According to the current algorithm , Only... Per kilometer 0.38 yuan , Close enough to the people , I'm not afraid to drive a long way .

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