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2.0L hybrid, 17 inch wheel hub, performance is lower than golf fox, and the appearance is greatly improved

2021-08-25 13:28:26 Oriental Information automobile

As an outstanding representative of the Japanese system , Toyota has expanded , Toyota's cars 、SUV and MPV Are favored by consumers all over the world . The appearance of Toyota's new corolla , No doubt another model GR Also coming soon . In such an automotive era , Toyota is still very sporty in car making , Moving towards the goal of Independence .

Toyota is also very effective in sports cars , The high-performance car of small steel gun also enhances Toyota's strength , Only today's new energy is the research direction of automobile enterprises , Many domestic and foreign car enterprises pay attention to re energy . Toyota must change its directional thinking , Only by working hard on new energy can we grasp the best opportunity for improvement . Overseas media also released Toyota Corolla ( Parameters | picture )GR Rendering scenario of vehicle model , It has indeed attracted the attention of many consumers . Major competitors , golf GTI And fox ST, Can we fight hard ?

Toyota corolla GR There is a lot of information in the hypothetical diagram of , The front bumper was redesigned by the designer , Large honeycomb grid layout , Long and narrow LED The daytime running lights are particularly excellent . Then there is the petal shaped large wheel hub at a glance ,17 Inch alloy wheels , and Yaris( Parameters | picture ) GRMN The same Bridgestone Potenza RE50 tire , No doubt for Carola GR Enhance performance .

From the lower edge of the window up , All made of fumigation technology , It seems to have an extraordinary temperament expansion . corolla GR Iconic tail design , In the whole paragraph GR Add some red elements to your design , It can really give people the temperament of a sports car . Toyota corolla GR Small steel cannon , It is economical and practical , Both men and women , Show your youth 、 fashion 、 Trendy style .

corolla GR It also uses modern i30( Parameters | picture ) N Line And renomegana ( Parameters | picture )GT Line The idea of , Aggressive appearance and medium displacement engine , As for the improvement of technicians in machinery and power , For Carola GR The chassis performance of the version has been improved . meanwhile , The power will be a hybrid system , Pick up the 2.0L Hybrid or 1.8L hybrid , To match CVT transmission . You think Carola GR how , Whether there is market value in the future ?

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