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Be cautious when buying a car. The four joint venture brands with backward technology, especially the last one, are now facing elimination

2021-08-25 13:36:17 Oriental Information automobile

Although the development momentum of domestic cars is very good , Sales are also getting higher and higher , However, the joint venture vehicle is still the leading vehicle in the domestic automobile market . In the eyes of consumers , The joint venture car is not only more reliable in quality , And the technology is more advanced than domestic cars , A little more expensive is acceptable . What we value most in buying a car is the three major parts of the car , In particular, engine technology is very important for an automobile brand , This is also the deficiency of many domestic cars , Because domestic cars started late , Therefore, most of the engine and gearbox technologies are relatively backward , But although the joint venture started early , But it doesn't mean that technology is advanced . Today, let's take a look at the need to be careful when buying a car , Backward in technology 5 A joint venture brand , Especially the last one is now facing elimination .

Peugeot car

Peugeot cars are 1976 In, the company and Citroen Automobile Company formed Peugeot group , It is the third largest automobile company in Europe . Peugeot's popularity in China is less than that of Volkswagen and Japanese companies such as Liangtian This is an indirect factor that leads to Peugeot's disadvantage in China , also Volkswagen and some Japanese car companies are private companies They are willing to pay for the competition Peugeot Citroen is a state-owned holding company in France , Lack of crisis and competitive awareness . The most important thing is that Peugeot's engine performance is very general , And there are many faults and problems , Received many complaints from car owners . In transmission and chassis technology , Peugeot also lags behind the mainstream of the industry , Therefore, it is marginalized by the market .


Dongfeng Citroen is one of China's largest automobile companies, Dongfeng Motor Company and France PSA The group's large joint venture brand in China . Dongfeng Citroen's existing main models : New Yuexiang limousine C6、 The third generation C5、 new C4L、C4 Sega 、 The new Elysee 、C3-XR, The imported car is brand new C4 PICASSO etc. , Fully cover and meet the needs of Chinese families, public and business cars and SUV Market demand .

Citroen and Peugeot are PSA Brands under the group , It can be said that the two are generally consistent in the use of Technology , There are great deficiencies in many technologies . Take Citroen C4L For this car , Its engine has problems such as oil burning and abnormal fault light , Technology needs to be strengthened . Have to admit , Among many joint venture brands , Citroen really has no technical advantage .

Suzuki Automobile

suzuki , Founded on 1920 year , Is a Japanese automobile manufacturing enterprise .2018 year 8 month 23 Japan , Japanese carmaker Suzuki announced , Will terminate the joint venture with Chang'an Automobile , Withdraw from China's auto market , Focus on the Indian market .

Suzuki used to be a very popular joint venture brand in China , Its launch of Alto 、 Many classic models such as swift are very popular , However, with the decline of the small car market , Suzuki is getting worse now . The reason why Suzuki sells worse and worse , besides , Suzuki's technology has lagged behind the industry . Take engine technology as an example , Suzuki's engine has good stability and durability , But there hasn't been much progress in these years , Many models still use the old engine .


Fiat motors , Famous Italian automobile manufacturing company , One of the top ten automobile companies in the world ,2010 year 3 month , Fiat and GAC group jointly set up GAC Fiat . The models on sale now include Feixiang 、 To joy 、 Fiat 500、 Freemont .

stay 2018 Year of 6 month , Fiat announced its formal withdrawal from the Chinese market , After entering the Chinese market , New cars are rarely released , It is also very backward in technology , It is difficult to form in the market , Finally, it has become a car brand that no one cares about , But we can only withdraw from the Chinese market .

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