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The most regrettable SUV, 2.5L, has 186 horsepower, fuel consumption of 51 cents a kilometer, and the price is close to the people

2021-08-25 13:36:24 Oriental Information automobile

The competition in the automobile industry is fierce , All brands have come up with their own skills to build cars , Car manufacturers try their best to produce all kinds of good cars .“ Nissan's sincere work ” Nissan X-Trail , Constantly surpass oneself , Another breakthrough .“ Domestic luxury cars ” The red flag H7, Its future strength can not be ignored . When various automobile brands push through the old and bring forth the new , Only by giving full play to the characteristics of the brand can cars stand firm in the automotive industry , As will be said below, this koleo , It's the most regrettable SUV,2.5L The outbreak of 186 horsepower , Fuel consumption 5 Gross kilometer , The price is close to the people !

Coreo has received great attention from Renault in recent years , Momentum can be said to be domineering , Relying on the interior space of its rare enemy , It meets the increasingly strong demand of motorists for car space , therefore , Coreo can have a good reputation in the market . As people pay more and more attention to grade and style , Riders also have new needs for new features of the vehicle , Or comfortable and quiet 、 The space is spacious 、 Spacious vision, etc , Only by virtue of the interior space of the enemy's car , Riders won't pay the bill . The outstanding koleo , Leaving aside the advantages of the original space , Then whether it is competitive in other aspects ? At home 、 What about the performance in business ? below , We are interested in this Renault “ Gold medalist ”—— Koleo makes a comprehensive exposition .

Koleo's novel and dynamic appearance is a feast for the eyes , Every design detail shows its product characteristics . The bright and divine headlamp can also make people in the distance feel its domineering , The tail design and the front face form the beauty of echo before and after , It looks very harmonious . The appearance adopts full and coordinated line design , It brings us a lot SUV Characteristic style , But the shape of the wheel is mediocre , Lacking a sense of strength . however , Coreo on the interior , Not as bright as the appearance . The design of central control area is quite common , Lack of three-dimensional and hierarchical sense , The interior upholstery is rough , The material is relatively low quality , Poor tactility , Although designers through design means , Try every means to improve the interior specifications of koleo , But it still doesn't help . Therefore, it is not surprising that Koleos has a low score on interior decoration .

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