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Buying xrv is a big loss! 2020 komick is on the market with a fuel consumption of 6L

2021-08-25 13:36:28 Oriental Information automobile

In other words, although the family sedan is the most popular model in the domestic automobile market , But over time , Little by little SUV Sales are also gradually picking up , In order to achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection , small SUV In the current automobile market, it is also gradually popular , Of course, there are both people-friendly domestic cars and leather joint venture cars in this level , Each one is a benchmark , Among the domestic cars, Baojun 510 Mainly , In the joint venture, Honda XRV Also very good , Today, I will bring you a new car with high cost performance and joint venture , It is our protagonist today 2020 Skoda komick , Seeing it makes me feel , buy XRV It's a big loss !2020 A komick is on the market , Fuel consumption as low as 6L, Key top talent 11.19 ten thousand !

that 2020 What is the performance of Skoda and komick in all aspects ? Let's have a look , First of all, in terms of appearance modeling , The appearance is made in 4 month 30 A new car just launched on the th , Basically in line with the current consumer's aesthetic view , Not only young and dynamic, but also fashionable , Its overall body size is 4390mm/1781mm/1593mm, Wheelbase reached 2610mm, The front face adopts Skoda family design language , With sharp headlights on both sides , It looks very aggressive , The strong waist is blessed by the personality wheel hub of the footwall , Walking on the road is full of dynamic .

Into the interior ,2020 The Skoda Cormick is also awesome for the interior decoration , Basically in line with the current consumer's aesthetic view , The layout is atmospheric and high-grade , At the same time, the materials are also very particular , Basically, they all use relatively fine soft materials , At the same time, the details also add the blessing of bright metal materials , In addition, because the car is equipped with embedded central control screen and exquisite gear handle , It makes the car exude a strong sense of science and Technology .

As for motivation , Comick is still carrying 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 82kW(112Ps), Peak torque 145Nm, Transmission in , To match 5 Speed manual and 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , The fuel consumption of the new car is... 100 kilometers 6L about .

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