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I regret buying the BMW 5 series. This is the young man's flirting car. Now it's down another 60000 and captivated

2021-08-25 13:36:31 Oriental Information automobile

As one of the cross-border coupes " Benchmarking ", Pamela really shows a charm that people can't refuse , The only drawback is that it has a price threshold of millions. For most people , It's not easy to buy one , Yes, of course , Except for palamera , The audi A7 It's definitely a very good choice , It not only has the advantage of not losing palamera " Forced case ", The driving feeling of the whole vehicle , Manipulation , Power performance, etc , audi A7 It has also reached a very satisfactory height , And it is now selling at a lower price than when it first came on the market 6 ten thousand , It has become the most attractive medium-sized luxury in the domestic automobile market " Flirting car ", No wonder someone said , Buy a BMW 5 The Department regretted .

As an Audi, it integrates a lot of " The essence of " A cross-border sedan car made by , In a glance , I believe Audi will be A7 The temperament presented is amazing to , Bigger size , The wider hexagonal grille has a mesh on both sides and a matrix LED With the headlights , It not only creates a very strong visual sense for the whole front face , The visual impact of the whole front of the car is also very radical , It's full of force , And from the side , audi A7 The car body is also beautifully decorated , In particular, the tail is equipped with an automatic lifting tail , Open out , The return rate can be said to be 100% .

audi A7 The whole car weighs 1.9 Tons of , And have 4976*1908*1408mm Length, width, height and 2928mm The wheelbase , As soon as you get into the car , It can be said that the space in the whole car will also be very abundant .

In addition to having a very attractive appearance , audi A7 The new family design can also shine in front of people , In a glance , The car not only creates a sense of luxury , A sense of technology , The combination of large area leather wrapping and double-layer suture technology , Have to say , The touch in the car , Comfort has also been significantly improved compared with the previous generation , All in all , As a medium and high-end luxury car , audi A7 I really understand Chinese aesthetics more and more .

audi A7 The whole system is equipped with a set of 3.0T V6 Turbocharged engine at the same time , It also has the largest output power 340 Horsepower and maximum 500Nm Peak torque , And the transmission system has 7 Double clutch gearbox in the back , It also enables the power performance of the whole vehicle to be brought into full play , Speed up for 100 kilometers 5.3 second , let me put it another way , Step on the accelerator , Don't talk about BMW 5 system , Mercedes E Can't catch up with ...

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