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It has been the world's top seller for three years, ten times more handsome than CRV, and has never been hacked

2021-08-25 13:39:07 Oriental Information automobile

Nissan, known as the big mobile sofa , Its comprehensive strength is very strong , Cars and SUV It doesn't lag behind in any field , Like the representative car model Teana , It is loved by many consumers , and SUV Qijun with the same strength , Speaking of Qijun car , I believe many car lovers know , The market performance of this car is very successful , Why success , Because its sales are very high , How high ? Up to a row 3 It has been sitting in the top position in the world for years . So Nissan is really not simple , And this Qijun is not simple , So we must take a good look at what's different about this car , The car 2020 The of models has also entered the market , We can see that the new model is much better than the old one , from 19 Thousands fell to 15 ten thousand , even 3 It has been the world's top seller in , Than CRV Handsome ten times , Never been hacked .

In appearance , The design of the new generation Qijun still has a lot of adjustments , A whole new generation V-MOTION Style makes the vehicle more radical ,U Type chrome trim becomes larger , The shape of the front grille has also become more regular U Type design , This should be the symbol of Nissan's latest generation . The manufacturer also adjusted Qijun's lamp group , Xinxinjun adopts a new split lamp design , The sharper daytime lights look very murderous . The headlamp group is set above the guide groove , The visual effect is very unique , The protruding front lip at the bottom further improves the sense of motion of the front .


From the exposed interior official figure , The mediocre and steady interior of the current model has finally been replaced , There are subversive changes in xinqijun's car , More trendy technology , It is also more in line with the aesthetics of modern consumers . The new Qijun adopts a suspended central control screen , At the same time, the instrument panel also adopts full LCD , At the same time, the instrument panel has a variety of display schemes , The scientific and technological atmosphere has been greatly improved . The air conditioning control area has also been adjusted to be more tidy and orderly , The new style steering wheel and electronic gear handle are more advanced .

Dynamic part , Information display of foreign media exposure , The new car is expected to carry 2.5 L naturally aspirated gasoline engine , And Nissan's latest 2.0T Variable compression ratio turbocharged engine , The engine has been mounted on the new Teana before , The most powerful 252 horsepower . The transmission system may match CVT Automatic transmission , It will also provide options for front drive and 4WD models .

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