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The real "Japanese good car", 1766mm wide, almost no small problems, and the price is close to the people

2021-08-25 13:39:14 Oriental Information automobile

The competition in the automobile industry is fierce , All brands have come up with their own skills to build cars , All kinds of luxury cars are blooming .“ Big Mac in the parking lot ” BMW X5, It has been praised by countless car buying groups .“ Successful person ” Standard Mercedes Benz S level , It seems to be the standard car for successful people . With good cars coming one after another , A car wants to succeed , There must be a choice . For example, Qida, which will be explained to you next TIIDA, It's real “ Japanese good car ”, Vehicle width 1766mm, There are almost no small problems , The price is close to the people !

Qida TIIDA It is the main product of Nissan in China , At present, it can be said that the limelight is in full swing , Rely on unique design style , Treat the appearance of the car buyer as supporting the scene “ tool ” Put your requirements in an important position , therefore , Qida TIIDA It has been widely praised . The times are developing , Most people are eager to win more from cars , powertrain 、 Driving feeling 、 External decency, etc , If a car only focuses on one indicator , Is bound to fail . The well-known Qida TIIDA, This is not the only advantage , What else does it do well ? Whether its comprehensive cost performance is worthy 9.99 The suggested price of 10000 yuan ? Now let's talk about Nissan's main models —— Qida TIIDA.

Qida TIIDA The perfect proportion of the whole vehicle gives people a panoramic view , The appearance design without dead corner renders the aesthetic feeling incisively and vividly . The air intake grille highlights the domineering style , The sharp headlights exaggerate the noble atmosphere , The tail is slightly upturned , Like an athlete preparing for the 100 meter sprint . The strong waistline on the side shows Qida TIIDA A strong sense of strength , The unique rim shape makes Qida TIIDA Special beauty of . Qida TIIDA The interior performance is unconventional . Central control design configuration stretch , Color matching also highlights youth , Soft materials are all over the place that can be touched , The details are handled properly , Casual dress embellishment , It adds a sense of luxury to the overall interior . It's no exaggeration to say , Qida, who has both internal and external training TIIDA, take “ The beauty of design ” The interpretation is incisive .

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