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What is the origin of Qin Fen, the "Hushang emperor"? There are more than ten million luxury cars. His father has more money than Cao Dewang?

2021-08-25 13:39:42 Tencent Entertainment

After the reform and opening up in the 1990s , Some people dare to give a go , They became the first to get rich . And their children naturally become the rich second generation , Although the rich second generation also has tens of millions of family assets to inherit , But it's different . There are dandy losers , There will be knowledge success , High profile , Naturally, there is a low-key type . Among the rich and the second generation , Wang Sicong should be the highest profile , However, compared with him .

A man's father is richer than his father , People are more low-key than him , This person is called “ The emperor of Shanghai ” Qin Fen . This once embarrassed president Wang , Once he said that I don't care about money when I make friends , Anyway, I'm not rich . As a result, Qin Fen asked at the bottom , What about me ? The arrogant Wang Sicong stopped talking , It must have acquiesced to this fact , But what exactly did Qin Fen come from ?

Qin Fen has a nickname called Hushang Emperor , It is said that it has half of Shanghai , That is, very, very rich . Speaking of how rich he is , I have to talk about the things between Qin Fen and luxury cars , He likes luxury cars very much . Also often sun luxury cars on social platforms 、 Luxury yachts , Luxury life with beautiful women , But this luxury car is a real luxury car . There are more than ten million luxury cars , There are conservative estimates , The total value of luxury cars under its name has exceeded 100 million .

Not to mention the world's limited edition cars , Let's look at the other two things about him and the car , Can also prove extremely rich . It's two car accidents , Once in 2014 year , Something happened in Shanghai 918 The first collision in Asia , It is the young master's true character that plays . The price of the car was 1500 All around , It's the best car in Porsche , Just hit . The second time 2015 year 4 month 28 Japan , It was also a car accident , 30 million luxury cars become scrap in an instant .

The Ferrari LaFerrari It was also Ferrari's most expensive car at that time , The owner is also Qin Fen , It is estimated that the maintenance cost may be tens of millions . And after he hit the car, he was careless , Threw it out of the car and left , In addition, he is also very proud of playing games . It is said that a team was specially built when playing a game , Hit hundreds of millions in it , The name of the Hushang emperor comes from this . besides , The watch he wears is also very special , Without exception, they are limited edition , Prices range from millions to thousands .

But although extremely rich , Qin Fen himself compared with Wang Sicong , But very low-key . Occasionally bask in life photos on social platforms , In addition, it rarely appears in the public eye , This makes his identity more mysterious . Such a person , Naturally, many people are curious about the origin of Qin Fen , It must not be easy to spend money like this . From various points of view , without doubt , His father is better than Wang Sicong 、 Bosses like Cao Dewang still have money . But even today , There are many on the Internet , Qin Fen's life experience is still very mysterious .

There are many stories about his father , It is said that he is the boss of a large gambling intermediary company , That's why the financial resources are above Wang Jianlin . There are also industrial figures such as the chairman of Ping An Insurance , But it has not been accurately confirmed , It's just rumors . Qin Fen seldom appears in public , Let alone reveal your family , So his life story is still elusive . All you can find is that he is the chairman of fenrong investment company , There are also many industries under his name , Involving e-Competition 、 Basketball team and so on .

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