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Friends who bought Lincoln mainland and drove Infiniti q70l and Lexus es gave pertinent comments

2021-08-25 13:41:14 Oriental Information automobile

Lincoln Continental this medium and large car is benchmarked with Mercedes Benz E level 、 BMW 5 system 、 audi A6L, But in the eyes of our domestic riders, it is like Cadillac CT6、 Volvo S90 Competing , Maybe these models are second tier luxury brands , Despite the strength of the brand, these cars are very good , All good cars , Unfortunately, our people are very concerned about the brand , Even if these models have very high platforms , But it will not have much impact on its sales .

At present, many riders are willing to buy Lincoln Continental , I like its difference , And Lincoln's brand strength is not low , It's Ford's high-end brand , Facing the standard German Benz 、 BMW 、 audi , Just like Toyota's Lexus .

This black Lincoln continent is a young brother in Sichuan. It took 37 Ten thousand yuan , Lincoln continental 2.0T Two drive exclusive Edition , National Sixth Edition , Here is the price and the landing price , After he bought the car, he drove it back , Stop at your friend's Infiniti Q70L And Lexus ES250 Stop together , It can be seen that none of them chose their peers BBA.

This Infiniti Q70L The owner said :“ I thought about Lincoln before , I like the waistline in mainland China very much , But the price was not negotiated , Later, I chose Infiniti with high cost performance Q70L, I think Lincoln continent is a good car , Solid chassis , Very stable when driving at high speed , The interior configuration is high .”

Then he and his neighbor's Lexus ES250 Stop together , They are all medium and large business cars , But their characteristics are different , No good or bad , Each has its own merits , lexus ES Very athletic , Master craftsman spirit , Car owners generally pay great attention to the quality of life , Lincoln continent appears more business calm , Business people who like American cars will like it .

This Lexus ES250 The owner said :“ I think Lincoln Continental is a model of high quality , I had a limited budget, so I chose Lexus ES250, If I change trains in the future, I will consider Lincoln Mainland , After all, people go up , Even though my ES250 Also very good. , But one day I will retire .”

This Lincoln Continental 2.0T The two-wheel drive exclusive version belongs to the low configuration version , But the configuration is not low at all , Fashionable and dynamic appearance design , Especially at the door handle . Its length, width and height are respectively 5.115 rice 、1.912 rice 、1.492 rice , Low configuration thick , High speed is as stable as a tiger , carrying 2.0T 241 horsepower L4 engine , matching 6AT transmission , This set of powertrain is very smooth , The next generation of Lincoln continent should use 10AT transmission .

Lincoln Continental was originally designed to cater to Ford fans , And defend Lincoln's brand image , And the blessing of the pilot , Quite particular about every aspect , The price is slightly lower than that of the same level BBA.

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