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Mercedes Benz finally began to offer discounts! From 2118000 to 170000, the whole system is equipped with suspension screen

2021-08-25 13:41:18 Oriental Information automobile

Every little friend should have a dream of a luxury car in his heart , I used to think that luxury cars are far away from our life . But with the rapid growth of China's economy , Chinese people's income is getting higher and higher , Plus the decline in luxury car prices , Supplemented by various preferential loan methods , Winning a luxury car is no longer just a dream , If you work hard, you can still make your dreams come true . And now a lot of BBA Runhao car , It's not expensive .

Mercedes A level ) It's just such an entry-level luxury car , think about it 20 About 10000 can buy a three compartment Mercedes Benz , Does it feel great , It feels like a luxury car ? Let's take a look at this Mercedes Benz A Class A , See how cost-effective it is ?

The first is the price , Mercedes A The official selling price of grade is 21.18 000 yuan to 29.98 Ten thousand yuan . In the author's local area, there are close 4 About ten thousand yuan , The price of the entry-level naked car is 17 All around , In terms of price , Mercedes A The price of grade is really not high , It's different from other Mercedes Benz models , Mercedes A There is no need for additional parts in class , So it looks like , Is the price very fragrant ? But don't worry. , So let's look down .( Of course , The margin of preference may be different in each region , The specific preferential details shall be subject to the local dealers )

Look at the power , Mercedes A This model is powered by two engines , Respectively 1.3T and 2.0T turbocharging . among 1.3T The maximum power of is 136 horsepower , The maximum torque is 200 Cattle meters ;2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 190 horsepower , The maximum torque is 300 Cattle meters , Although it is 2.0T The engine of , But I personally think its engine still has some room for improvement , Power is not particularly eye-catching . This is obviously suppressed by Mercedes Benz manufacturers 2.0T Engine data for , In order to distinguish the price between various models .

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