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Which is more fuel-efficient, the old driver's "golden right foot" and the vehicle's "constant speed cruise"?

2021-08-25 13:41:23 Oriental Information automobile

With the rising price of gasoline , Whether it's the government 、 Business or car owners , They are very concerned about vehicle fuel consumption , Automobile fuel consumption is directly related to the cost of vehicle maintenance , So , Now many car companies have developed all kinds of new fuel-saving technologies , Constant speed cruise is one of them , But now many old drivers are not calm , I've been driving all my life , All kinds of fuel saving skills can be mastered skillfully , Between old drivers and new car technology PK The resulting , Constant speed cruise and golden right foot , Which one is more fuel-efficient ?

Cruise control

Constant speed cruise means that the vehicle can drive itself at a fixed speed , But the owner doesn't need to control the accelerator , The fuel injection quantity of the engine is completely controlled by ECU Control yourself , When the vehicle goes uphill , The engine ECU Slope size detected , And vehicle speed change signal , Self adjusting fuel injection quantity , It can make the engine output more power , Keep the vehicle running at a constant speed ; When the vehicle is in the downhill position , It will also change the signal according to the slope and vehicle speed , Determine whether the oil cut-off control is correct , Make the vehicle as low as possible , Drive at a constant speed .

The current cruise control , It is mostly used in high-speed road conditions or national highways 、 Provincial road conditions , The road conditions are good , This function directly releases the owner's right foot , There is no need to swing to control the accelerator pedal .

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