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The old repairman told you that if you don't change the spark plug in case of these three situations, just wait to change the car

2021-08-25 13:41:33 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years, more and more people have bought cars , Because driving out is more convenient for many people , Especially for people who live far away from the company , Whether by bus or subway , There will be all kinds of inconveniences , No, the site is not near home , Just can't get directly to the downstairs of the company . And for people with cars , You can drive directly to the company , You don't even have to wait for the bus , It's very convenient .

But now most people who buy cars are ordinary families , I don't cherish my new car very much , Many people maintain their cars so carefully , Mainly to reduce the damage of the car , So as to reduce some unnecessary maintenance costs . But for some people who don't know cars , Even if it's intentional maintenance , I don't know where to start . Take the simplest spark plug , Even some people don't understand what this thing is mainly for . The old mechanic told you , If this appears in the car 3 In this case , If you don't change the spark plug quickly , Then wait for the change .

The first case is engine jitter . Usually when driving normally , The engines are relatively stable , There will be no such obvious jitter , But if it does, it means you should replace the spark plug . Its function is to ignite the gasoline entering the combustion chamber . Because it works at high temperature, it is easy to be damaged . In this case , If the engine shakes significantly , Then there is a problem with this part , The ignition is not smooth , Will cause the cylinder may not work properly , The engine will shake .

The second situation is that the engine is shrugging . This usually occurs when the vehicle speed is 30km/h To 60km/h Between , If you upshift at this time , There will be a stir . It means that the power of the engine is insufficient , This time , Usually, the fuel consumption is relatively high , Black smoke will also appear in the setting . If this happens , It means that there is a problem with this part , It needs to be replaced . If not replaced , Then your fuel consumption will increase significantly , As a result, the oil expenditure is also extra large .

The third situation is that the engine stalls irregularly when idling , Or it's much harder to start than before , Even can't start . All these conditions prove that there is a problem with this part , In order to drive more safely , It's better to replace it in time . Moreover, the replacement time of spark plug is actually related to the different materials made of it . Generally speaking , The quality needs to be driven in the car 2 Replace after 10000 km , And good quality , Even when driving to 10 It's OK to replace 10000 km again .

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