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The most oppressive German car still has no interest in the three major parts of Volkswagen 3

2021-08-25 13:41:40 Oriental Information automobile

In joint venture vehicles , Volkswagen is the most recognized brand , The position in the hearts of Chinese people can not be replaced by any brand , Of course, the public can have such a position , It all depends on excellent quality , But its sub brand Skoda is different , Although it uses popular technology , But the car is not recognized , So the sales volume is also very poor , Take Skoda korok , Although the three big pieces on the car are popular , The price is also 20000 cheaper than that of popular songs , But still can't sell .

From all sides , The korok is an excellent compact SUV, flowers 15 It's also a good deal to buy this car , It's just that the front of the car doesn't use the Volkswagen logo , Therefore, the sales volume of this car has been greatly affected , But the appearance design has its own style , The straight waterfall grille is also very elegant , With very sharp lights , The through design on the lower side is also quite domineering .

The waist line is directly connected to the front and rear headlights , The raised wheel eyebrows are also full of a sense of strength , Plus nice wheels , Create a very strong dynamic . The rear of the car is full of design style , It brings a strong sense of security , The wide tail bar is also full of wildness , The overall sense of motion is very good .

The interior design is also excellent , The whole is decorated with all black , It gives people a sense of calm and atmosphere , Although there is no special design inside , But the aura is very powerful , People of all ages will like this style , At the same time, we are also very particular about the materials , Most places feel soft , The touch feels great , Plus the embellishment of chrome plated strips , The grade of the car has been obviously improved a lot . In addition, the configuration is also very kind , In line with the current trend .

Power is used 1.4T The engine of , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Although the performance of this combination is not very strong , But it matches perfectly , The driving power is endless , There will be no sense of frustration at all . Although this is not a Volkswagen , But the quality is definitely not inferior to Volkswagen , But no one recognized .

source : China Star circle

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