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Volkswagen is making trouble again. The new car is more beautiful than the Haval H6. With 4WD breaking 6.5 seconds, it's going to be fascinated

2021-08-25 13:59:46 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of car brands , In the domestic automobile market , Like the public , Honda , Toyota , Daily and other four joint venture brands , It is the brand most easily accepted and favored by Chinese people , Especially Volkswagen , Durable with leather , The price is close to the people , Hot whole market , Many popular models were born , Recently, Volkswagen has launched a heavy class SUV—— Syat Ateca, Bijave H6 It's beautiful , aesthetic , The front face adopts a black mesh trapezoidal grille with upper and lower symmetry , Create a strong visual impact , Irregularly shaped on both sides LED Headlight design , With high brand recognition , It looks very beautiful . The public is making trouble again , The new car is better than Harvard H6 beautiful , Equipped with 4WD 6.5 second , To charm a piece of .

As for the side of the body , The design of this car is quite big, killer , Straight and strong waistline runs through the body , Outline a full sense of muscle and strength , Suspended roof and five spoke wheel hub , Greatly improves the sportiness of the car , A lot of straight lines are used at the rear of the car , Show a strong sense of hierarchy , Highly recognizable tail light level silver guard design , With a full sense of sophistication , People like it very much , In size , The length, width and height are respectively 4768mm/1889mm/1670mm, The wheelbase is 2780mm.

After entering the car , The design of the whole interior is quite classic , The pure black layout is full of a strong home atmosphere , The center console is covered with a large area of soft material , At the same time, it is properly decorated with wood grain , The grade and texture are very good , Embedded LCD and full LCD pointer instrument panel , Instantly enhance the sense of technology in the car , In addition, there are rich configurations , Like a key start , Keyless entry , Tire pressure monitoring , Blind area monitoring , Take the initiative to brake , Hill auxiliary , Reversing radar , Panoramic skylight and other practical configurations are complete .

Finally, look at the design of power , The new car will be equipped with 1.4T and 2.0T Two different turbocharged engines , Matching on the transmission system 7 Double clutch gearbox , The maximum output power is respectively 110 Kilowatts and 162 kw , Peak torque is 250 Niumi and 380 Cattle meters , While meeting the requirements of national VI emission , Some medium and high configuration models provide four-wheel drive system , 100km acceleration only 6.5 Seconds to complete .

source : China Star circle

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