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Finally, I didn't wait in vain. The fuel consumption is 6L, which is higher than that of Passat

2021-08-25 14:11:38 Oriental Information automobile

With the change of family structure , It has a large practical space and good comfort B Class cars are becoming more and more popular . In the increasingly heated domestic B Class car market , magotan 、 camry 、 The accord 、 passat 、 The performance of Teana and other models is quite good . And in the light of these cars , There are still some models with good product power . However, due to people's conformity psychology and attention to the brand , These cars are often ignored . For example, today we are going to talk about this B Levels of car -- Skoda speeders . It is reported that , In order to expand market share , The price of terminal entry-level models in some parts of China has fallen below 14 ten thousand . The cost performance has been further improved . Some netizens said frankly that it was not in vain , The car is now below 14 ten thousand , Fuel consumption 6L, Better than Passat

As a sub brand of Volkswagen, Skoda , Not well known by most domestic consumers . Skoda Express has made good achievements in the European market with its durable workmanship and safety , However, the sales volume in China is embarrassing . In order to increase sales, we have to take the routine of reducing prices . Today, the entry-level price of terminals in some regions has fallen below 14 ten thousand , It is also more sincere . If you can't afford maiteng, you might as well look at it , More beautiful than accord , Now it's broken 14 ten thousand , Far superior to Passat . Let's take a look at its performance

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