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Don't buy these five brands of cars. The car making technology is relatively backward. Owner: I regret it when I buy it back

2021-08-25 14:11:43 Oriental Information automobile

Now there are quite a lot of car models on the market , But for consumers , There are too many models , There are more choices , You can choose a better car . And there are a lot of models , There will be a competition mode between car enterprises , From the perspective of consumers , When there is competition, there will be pressure , There is pressure, there is motivation , These car companies will make more efforts in car manufacturing technology , Strive to produce better 、 A car that better meets the needs of consumers .

The automobile market is also a place for the survival of the fittest , Car enterprises that fail to pass the manufacturing technology will gradually be ignored by consumers , Eventually eliminated by the market . But when consumers buy a car , General sales won't tell you that the car of this brand is bad , I'll just brag about how good the brand is . So before we buy a car, we should also know that the manufacturing technology of those car brands is relatively backward . this 5 You'd better not buy a car of a car brand , Many car owners responded , I regret it when I buy it and drive it .

The first is Na Zhijie , This is a car from Taiwan , Although it has always regarded itself as a joint venture car , But even with the halo of a joint venture car, it has not been recognized by consumers , After all, the car making technology is not good , There are also many problems with the cars produced . And its fuel consumption is very high . For many car owners now , When buying a car, I will definitely choose a car with low fuel consumption , This car doesn't meet the needs of consumers anywhere .

The second is Qichen automobile . This is a joint venture between Dongfeng and Nissan , Whether Dongfeng or Nissan , The reputation in China is good , But although the three major pieces of Qichen are from Nissan , It still hasn't brought much good reputation and sales to it . And it is said that the purpose of Qichen is only to digest the technology eliminated by Nissan , Therefore, there is no need to hope for the quality of Qichen's car . The third is Huatai , This brand was originally partnered with Hyundai , But after being separated from modern times, it also began to decline , There is no progress in technology , The cars produced can't keep up with the changes of the times .

The fourth is the legal system car . The sales of French cars in their home country are still good , But I don't know if it's because aesthetics is different from Chinese people , Sales in China have not been very good . Others say , It is because the manufacturing technology of legal cars is relatively backward in the whole industry , Sales will be bad . The fifth is Lifan , It was originally the production of motorcycles , After seeing that the car market is good, he changed his strategy . But because the technical equipment is not qualified , The quality of the cars produced is also relatively poor , Not favored by consumers .

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