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Musk will never experience the fun of community group buying

2021-08-25 14:11:49 Oriental Information automobile

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“ When I grow up, I want to be a scientist ” I believe this was once the dream of many boys when they were young , But then on the mortgage 、 Recognize the reality in front of the car loan , Making money becomes the only ideal . But one person has fulfilled many people's dreams , And stick to your madness , He's Elon · musk .

2004 year , Musk joined Tesla and became the CEO of Tesla , And said “ It will provide every ordinary consumer with pure electric vehicles within their consumption capacity , Accelerate the global shift to sustainable energy ”. Time interval 12 year , Tesla officially released Model 3, This kind of “ parity ” The pure electric vehicle has officially opened the prelude to the era of new energy vehicles .Model 3 The emergence of makes many people no longer simply consider buying fuel vehicles , Also gradually began to consider the use of new energy vehicles . period , Domestic new energy vehicle enterprises have sprung up , However, there are only a few car companies that seriously do new energy vehicles , Most of them are just to get that little subsidy .

But just as everyone is ready to seriously build new energy vehicles , Musk also stunned everyone again , Because he's a robot again . On Tesla artificial intelligence day , Musk showed Tesla in AI The latest achievements in the field —— Humanoid robots Tesla Bot.

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