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Another German "boutique" with a length of 4236mm. The logo has great face and does not cost oil

2021-08-25 14:11:56 Oriental Information automobile

The parking lot is the battlefield , Either you die or I die , Make one car after another “ God car ”.“ Egl BMW ” ATZ , Has become a household name .“ Corvette ” Wuling Rongguang , Known as the king of cost performance at the same level by riders . Today, high-quality models are everywhere , A car wants to succeed , There must be a choice . This Audi Q2L, It's another German “ The high-quality goods ”, Long 4236mm, The logo has a lot of face , It doesn't cost oil !

Over the years , Audi's Audi Q2L Often on the attention list , Rely on their own modeling design full of sense of the times , consumer “ Rehearsal ” Our requirements have been greatly met , So it is with , audi Q2L Smooth success occupies a place in the market . The socio-economic level is constantly improving , Every driver has different requirements for the car , comfort 、 Security 、 Driving fun, etc , A car with only a shiny appearance , It'll be out soon . Audi, a powerful brand Q2L, In addition to the characteristics of appearance , So what are its advantages ?21.77 Whether the pricing from 10000 yuan has enough cost performance ? Next, let's have an in-depth study of Audi's power cart —— audi Q2L.

At first glance, Audi Q2L appearance , Gorgeous and dazzling design style , The overall modeling style tends to be younger , Highlight the style of the designer . The air inlet grille has a special configuration , With the lights on both sides , The rear of the car converges slightly , It strongly highlights the driver's low-key but not publicized quality . From the side , audi Q2L The side lines of the are smooth , It reflects the designer's good intentions , Special trim strips decorate the rear of the vehicle , Highlight Audi Q2L Noble status . audi Q2L 's interior , This is what I appreciate about this car . The central control with a strong sense of technology will not disappoint people , The materials used in the car are particularly expensive at this price , Thanks to the delicate stitching and feel , The overall texture of the interior has been greatly improved . so to speak , The interior is to help Audi Q2L An important factor in success .

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