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Don't look down on domestic cars! These five brands are very popular overseas

2021-08-25 14:12:01 Oriental Information automobile

When we buy a car , The first thought is the joint venture car , Then go to the domestic car . After all, buying a car is easy , Of course, choose a good car . Domestic cars used to be synonymous with backwardness , Disliked by consumers , Although now the workmanship of independent brand cars is getting better and better , The quality has also improved a lot than before . However, there are still many consumers who smell independent and turn pale when buying a car , It seems that the progress of domestic cars is not worth mentioning in their eyes . Today, let's talk about these brands of cars , It is very popular abroad . So let's not look down on domestic cars ! this 5 This brand is very popular overseas , The last one 400 Everyone buys it .


Chery Automobile Co., Ltd , It is a state-owned holding enterprise engaged in automobile production , The company's products cover passenger cars 、 commercial vehicle 、 Minicars and other fields , Chery car 9 Won the sales champion of China's independent brands in , Become the representative of China's independent brands .

Chery's in 2001 Started exporting cars in , Now its export scope has covered Asia 、 o 、 Not 、 Latin America, etc 80 Many countries and regions . And Chery has established overseas 16 Production bases ,2017 In, Chery's number of exported vehicles reached 107,727 car , Year-on-year growth 22.3%, This has been Chery's continuous 15 Ranked first in China's passenger car export volume ranking list in .


Jac is a collection of commercial vehicles 、 Research and development of passenger cars and powertrain 、 manufacture 、 A comprehensive automobile manufacturer integrating sales and service , It has a national enterprise technology center , It is a high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program .

2017 In, Jianghuai Automobile ranked second in the export sales of complete vehicles in China , Last year, JAC exported a total of 65,078 car ( Including commercial vehicles ), Year-on-year growth 15%, among SUV More than 4 Thousands of cars . The main one is auspicious wind S7 And Ruifeng S5, These two cars are practical and cost-effective , Many countries in South America , Deeply loved by local consumers .

The Great Wall

Great Wall Motors was founded in 1984 year , It's a Chinese car brand , It mainly produces pickup trucks 、SUV、 Cars and other models . Great Wall Motors is China's first in Hong Kong H Private automobile enterprises listed on the stock market 、 The largest pickup truck in China SUV Professional factory 、 Multinationals . Have 4 A complete vehicle production base ( Pickup 、SUV、CUV, Sedan MPV),2007 Annual production capacity reaches 40 Thousands of cars . With engine 、 Independent supporting capacity of core parts such as front and rear axles .

stay 2017 year , The Great Wall has also achieved very good results in overseas exports , The total export volume reached 4 More than 10000 sets , It ranks third in China . among , Great Wall pickup truck is the main export model , Sell like hot cakes 100 Multiple countries and regions , It is widely welcomed in Africa .


Geely Automobile was founded in 1986 year , It's a Chinese car brand , It mainly produces off-road vehicles 、 Cars and other models . Committed to entering the top ten global automobile enterprises , Let Geely go all over the world , Become a competitive and respected Chinese auto brand . in fact , Geely is also one of the first Chinese auto companies to enter overseas , At present, Geely's sales scope has covered Russia 、 Saudi Arabia 、 Iran 、 The British 、 Lebanon 、 Kuwait 、 Algeria 、 Iraq and other countries , Among them, Geely Imperial EC7 Geely and King Kong are very popular abroad .


BYD is a Chinese auto brand , Founded in 1995 year , It mainly produces business cars, family cars and batteries . from 20 Start on a multiplayer scale ,2003 It grew into the second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in the world , In the same year, BYD automobile was established . BYD always insists on “ Technology is king , Innovation is the foundation ” The concept of development , With R & D strength and innovative development model , It has achieved all-round development , And on the battery 、 Electronics 、 Passenger car 、 Commercial vehicles and rail transit play an important role .

BYD cars are exported to the United States 、 Japan 、 The British 、 Spain and other countries , It is the main force of China's new energy vehicle export . Flag K9 The price of each electric car is as high as 400 Thousands of yuan , It is the most expensive car exported in China , And sales are good , The California government purchased 60 car .

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