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The future of electric smart is full of hope. The cooperation between the two brands is very optimistic about the Chinese market

2021-08-25 14:14:00 Oriental Information automobile

Some friends know about electric smart, This is a car that Mercedes Benz is trying to promote , Now Geely will cooperate with Mercedes Benz , Let's push together smart, Establish a joint venture and strive to realize its rooted promotion in the Chinese market in the future . I also believe that this car can enter the world , The name of the joint venture is Zhima automobile , Want to push the world forward smart The development of this car , There is still a lot of work for brand operation and transformation in the future .

After the news was released, many people were surprised , But it's understandable to think about it , After all smart It is a symbol of car demand , In the future, people will use more cars for life , And with the improvement of science and Technology , The trivialization of people's life , To improve vehicle efficiency smart It's the best , The car is small and doesn't waste space , Low energy consumption . At the same time, combined with Geely's unique design and sales ability in the domestic automobile market , Can make the electric smart In the future, we will gain a firm foothold in China .

After all, this is the key period for electric vehicles to realize market transformation , Whether the transformation from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles can be realized in the next five years will directly affect the competitiveness of automobile brands , The traditional world famous brand Mercedes Benz and BMW also attach great importance to the demand of China's automobile market in the next few years , Naturally, we will not give up the electric vehicle market , electric smart The launch of is also an advance plan of Mercedes Benz and Geely for the future Chinese market .

Although there was news that BAIC would cooperate with Mercedes Benz , But Geely would be a little more suitable , After all, Geely has strong competitiveness , It has a high market share in domestic car brands , It's not just technical , And sales are strong , Have a certain financial strength , Relatively speaking, BAIC has some deficiencies in these aspects .

Geely bought... Before smart 50% of the shares , It has been explained that Geely is optimistic about smart project , Signed a cooperation agreement , It is also a plan for the future electric vehicle market , It's really good to set up a joint venture now . In the future, Mercedes Benz will be responsible for the design of this car , Geely comes to complete engineering research and development , In the future, the car will be produced in China , This car may be in 2022 Listed for sale in , The car is positioned on future needs .

In fact, in the current market smart It's still very impressive , Future electric smart It's hard to say what will happen now , However, this car has not made a significant profit at present , But with the change of people's lifestyle in the future , It still has a chance to get a hated market , Mini electric cars have their own advantages , This is a challenge and breakthrough for people's demand for new cars .

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