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Don't keep staring at Audi Q3! The new car is more beautiful than Mercedes Benz C-class. It has 192 horsepower and 4WD. It's fascinating

2021-08-25 14:14:04 Oriental Information automobile

With the rapid development of domestic economy , The improvement of people's living standards , The automobile market is rising rapidly , Especially the luxury car market is becoming more and more popular , Mercedes Benz 、 Three luxury brands such as BMW and Audi , Occupied the whole car market 80% Above share , It's very competitive , So in entry-level luxury SUV The market is also very hot , Next, let's take a look at BMW's entry-level Huahao SUV—— The new BMW X1, What is the specific performance in the market . Don't keep staring at Audi Q3! A new car is better than a Mercedes Benz C Class beautiful ,192 Horsepower with 4WD , To charm a piece of .

First, in terms of appearance , The overall construction of the new car continues the latest family design language , It looks more domineering , The front face adopts a double kidney air inlet grille , Internal straight waterfall chrome plated medium mesh design , Create a strong visual impact , Exquisite , Classic... On both sides LED Angel eye headlights , The effect after lighting is very brand recognition , The lower grille and air intakes on both sides are also excellent , Enhance the dynamic atmosphere .

As for the side of the body , The design of the new car is also very imposing , The straight and strong waistline outlines a full sense of muscle and strength , Suspended roof 、 Silver luggage rack and cool five spoke Y Type hub , Greatly enhance the sense of movement , The design of the rear is round and full , Blackened LED The tail lights use irregular shapes , The effect after lighting is dynamic and charming , In size , The length, width and height are respectively 4565mm/1821mm/1620mm, The wheelbase is 2780mm.

After entering the car , The whole interior design has a full family strong design style , The simple and atmospheric center console is covered with a large area of soft materials , And after the piano painted panel and chrome trim , It has a special texture , Suspension decoration LCD and full LCD instrument panel design , Greatly enhance the scientific and technological atmosphere in the car , The three spoke sports steering wheel with four adjustments is wrapped in leather , High force grid chicken leg electronic gear handle , Leather seats with strong comfort, etc , All reflect the kindness of the car .

Finally, look at the design of power , New BMW X1 Respectively carry 1.5T and 2.0T Two different turbocharged engines , To match 7 Block double clutch sum 8 Self - contained gearbox , The maximum output power is respectively 140 Horsepower and 192 horsepower , Peak torque is 220 Niumi and 280 Cattle meters , And the top configuration also provides a timely 4WD system , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is the lowest 6.2L.

source : China Star circle

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