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Another SUV has been exposed. The spy photo is suspected of LexA LX. Do you know what it is?

2021-08-25 14:14:15 Oriental Information automobile

We obtained the first exposure of suspected new Lexus from relevant channels LX Spy photos of the road test , According to the previous news , It is expected that the new car will be in 2021 year 9 On the listed , And maybe in 12 Official listing . Except for the new look 、 Interior and configuration , The powertrain will also be upgraded .

Considering the new Toyota on the same platform landkuluze It has already been released and listed , This new car with heavy camouflage is probably the new Lexus we are looking forward to LX. From the spy photos , The new car is equipped with a new multi frame aluminum alloy wheel hub , The wheel size is also large . The front shows a spindle grille, which is the same as the Lexus style design , Relatively slender LED On both sides of the headlamp pack , According to the spy photos, we guess it will be Lexus LX Do you ?

meanwhile , The shape of the steering lamp outside the rear-view mirror is also very consistent with the design style of Lexus . therefore , The body still maintains the square shape of a hardline SUV , At present, it is certain that the car is a SUV Models or off-road vehicles .

If it's rexa LX Words , So according to the information obtained before , New Lexus LX At least five models will be launched in the future , Include LX570 and lx600, They will be equipped with 3.5tV6 Twin turbocharged engine and newly developed engine V8 Twin turbocharged engines ,lx750h The model may be launched later .

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