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In 2001, I spent 1.12 million to buy the Boxster, 5 manually equipped with B6 engine. Now it's difficult to get rid of it

2021-08-25 14:17:16 Oriental Information automobile

porsche Boxster In the last century 90 In the early S , Medium term launch , The price was relatively high at the beginning , Landing over one million yuan , Much more expensive than now , Of course, there were many luxury cars at that time , It seems that these luxury cars are not worried about selling , Of course, it is worth affirming that the quality of luxury cars at that time was very high , Mechanical literacy is no worse than today , But the overall level is not as good as now , Of course, Porsche at that time Boxster Our sales are very high , Once more than 911 It's also popular .

You can still see what happened at that time Boxster, It is worth affirming that the mechanical quality at that time , Although the car style is relatively old , But the smell of the sports car hasn't changed at all ; Today, we met a car in Hunan Province 2001 Porsche in Boxster.

Let's talk about this car , This is the car of a motorist in Hunan ,2002 paragraph Boxster, At that time, I bought the new car when it was on the market , On 2001 year 9 The month took 112 Ten thousand yuan won , So far 6 Thousands of kilometers , Less than 19 Years of car age ,6 Ten thousand kilometers is also normal , This is the normal driving frequency of sports cars , Relatively speaking, the car condition is also good , It's just that the car is older .

This Porsche Boxster The official guide price for is 99 Ten thousand yuan , Everyone who knows Porsche knows , So this Porsche Boxster Can be 112 Ten thousand yuan landing has been very “ simple ” 了 , After all, Porsche has an option , A little calculation will tell .

hunan A License plate , The owner opened the tailgate , He expressed his intention to 12 Ten thousand yuan to sell the car , Because I am old now, I have lost interest in sports cars , But many people don't dare to ask after seeing the car , Because rich young people don't like such an old car , And the guy without money said the price was high , Also afraid of high maintenance costs , So it's a little difficult to change hands now .

Its length, width and height are respectively 4.315 rice 、1.780 rice 、1.29 rice , It's worth mentioning that this car is a Porsche Boxster Or the original paint , The maintenance is very good , It can be seen that the owner likes this car , If you don't need money and are interested, you can collect this car .

Open the door and you'll know the name of the car “ Age ” 了 , near 19 Years of car age , The oxidation degree in the vehicle is obvious , Very mechanical , White dashboard , The central control area is simple , At that time, Porsche Boxster There is hardly much sense of technology in the central control area of , Because its original design intention is very pure , An entry-level sports car .

It carries 2.7L 229 horsepower B6 engine , The engine cylinders were arranged in B type , Oil supply mode of EFI , matching 5 Gear manual gearbox , You can see from the central armrest , What is worth praising is its chassis and handling , Even close 19 Years of car age , Its handling is still very good , Very powerful , It's just that the fuel consumption is very high .

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