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Stop foolishly "d file goes around the world"! You can save a lot of money by learning these gears

2021-08-25 14:17:26 Oriental Information automobile

The emergence of cars has provided great convenience for our life , We work in the city and drive , Take the children to school and drive ; Go out for a drive , Drive back home , After owning a car , Seems to make their travel more comfortable and convenient . Just after buying a car , It seems that not all are good , For example, it usually causes great pressure on car owners , For example, the usual oil cost 、 Parking Rate 、 Car wash fee , These expenses are a big expense in the city . But as the auto industry continues to progress , There are also more and more models to choose from , For example, manual gear and automatic gear , These two types of gear shifting also make it difficult for many people to choose when buying a car .

Manual gear is a manual transmission , You need to move the shift lever by hand to change the gear meshing device in the transmission , After changing the transmission ratio , So as to achieve the effect of variable speed . And automatic gear, as the name suggests , There is no need for the driver to shift gears manually , The vehicle will depend on the driving speed and traffic conditions , Automatically select the appropriate driving gear . Generally, the gears of automatic vehicles are P、R、N、D、S、L. Each gear has a different use path , however , Now many people are driving automatic gear , Almost all use D files , But the mechanic said , Don't be silly “D File the world ”! After learning these gears , You can save a lot of money .

Now many people like to hang up when waiting for a red light D Step on the brake in gear , In fact, it takes oil and effort to do so , It will increase the friction burden between the clutch and the gearbox , Therefore, it is recommended that you use... When waiting for the traffic light N files . In order to better control road traffic , There must be more than one traffic light in the city , in the course of time , It will cause great damage to the vehicle . When going uphill , If you hang up D files , It will give people a feeling of powerlessness , You might step on the accelerator ; Again , Hang up when going downhill D files , The vehicle will automatically upshift , So you have to step on the brake , This is a manifestation of cost , In this case , choice L Gear or S Gear will save more fuel .

Actually , If automatic can have the right driving style , You can save a lot of money . Xiaobian summarized several driving styles for you :1、 You don't have to step on the accelerator when you speed up , Maybe friends who have ridden motorcycles will know better , When we hold the accelerator to the bottom , It may be very slow to lift , But if you accelerate slowly , It will soon increase the speed .2、 Avoid sudden braking of the vehicle , This is to reduce the wear of the brake pad .3、 Avoid frequent lane changes , Changing lanes will make our driving speed uneven , This driving style will make the fuel injection unstable , May result in increased fuel consumption .

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