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When buying a car, you can't find a female salesperson. Many people don't know that they have been badly hurt

2021-08-25 14:18:16 Oriental Information automobile

Living conditions are much better now , People buy more cars than they bought motorcycles a few years ago , Now, almost every family in the countryside has a car , But the old and new prices are different , I went with my friends a while ago 4S Shop to buy a car , As soon as I entered the hall, the saleswoman warmly welcomed me , Who knows, friends avoid her directly , I went inside and found a man to sell it , We talked very hard , I didn't understand then , That saleswoman is so enthusiastic , The service attitude was also very good , People are also very beautiful , Why don't friends like looking for this salesgirl , Is there something wrong with friends , It is said that , My fair lady , The gentleman good qiu . On the way back, I found out that this was the case .

First, cars are basically men's patents , For cars , Men are more in love , Let me explain it here , It's not gender inequality , The main reason is that men like cars as much as women like cosmetics . Yes, of course , Some women prefer cars , But that, after all, is a minority . Women selling cars are coquettish and cute , Just sell it from beginning to end , Basically didn't understand the details of the car , You ask her some deeper questions , Maybe I can't answer , That is to say, the professionalism is not strong , Like mechanical parts , wheel 、 Women are not interested in such boring things as fuel consumption , If you ask a woman what brand of cosmetics to sell , What kind of mask replenishment? , These issues do not require special training , They can all say a lot of kinds in one breath , And for men , Although the car machinery is boring , But that's the right love , Therefore, male sales can better solve various problems raised by male customers . The male salesperson's answer to the male customer sounds down-to-earth , Counterpart .

Then men love face , When bargaining , Bargain with male salesmen , For female sales, they often can't lose face , Especially the female salesperson shouted one by one , Keep delivering cigarettes and tea , Occasionally, he blurted out a sentence , Brother, where do you work , Why are you so handsome and mature , At first glance, he is a man who does great things , Man's self-esteem , Often can't stand it , I know I can kill and bargain again , See the poor cute expression bag of the saleswoman , Just pretend to be an uncle who doesn't need money , This may be common to men , Go back and you'll regret it , It could have been reduced by thousands of yuan , Eat a dumb loser , I can't say it yet , It's only male hormones that can be blamed. It's not the right time . I feel sorry for men when I think about it , It's better to do as few things as possible to die for face and suffer .

There is another key , When a man buys a car, he usually takes his wife with him , A woman is a jealous jar , Don't try , A touch is broken . Don't blame women for being careful , My heart is small because I love you . draw , If she flirts with other men , You feel comfortable ? If you don't feel at all , That can only say , You don't love her . Friends say , You see, I went with my wife , I must know more about the car in question , Ask model , Fuel consumption , What configuration , Maintenance and other issues , Inevitably, there are some other words , You can't be serious all the time , Say and laugh , Don't look at your wife and don't talk , The vinegar in my heart had to drink several bottles silently , This is not the key , The most important thing is that the wife is in charge of the finance in the friend's house , A single jealous hair , It's not just a local battle when you go home , I can't say , I can't buy a car .

source : Qingluan period

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