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It is the "Japanese benchmark", with original import status, 4802mm long and price as Lexus is

2021-08-25 14:18:20 Oriental Information automobile

At present, the automobile market is surging , One good car after another has been brought to the market .“ City Hunter ” Honda fit , Constantly surpass oneself , Another breakthrough .“ Fuel consumption King ” Cheetah CS10, Popular all over the world , Domineering . Today, when buying a car is a major event in life , The key to the success of automobile brand is to find the right place . Today's Infiniti Q50, It's what it is “ Japanese benchmark ”, Original import identity , Long 4802mm, The price is like Lexus IS!

infiniti Q50 It is one of the models widely concerned in the market , Relying on its technologically mature gearbox , Better meet the needs of riders to enjoy the speed limit , Because of its characteristics , Make it a good reputation in the hearts of users . As people pay more and more attention to hierarchy and style , The level of car buyers has also been greatly improved , appearance 、 interior 、 Space 、 power 、 Control, etc , If only one bright spot , Car brands can't succeed at all . Infiniti Q50, The positioning must be clear , The characteristics are obvious , Does it perform well in other ways ? Whether its cost performance can compete with its peers ? Now let's explain in detail this Infiniti produced by Infiniti Q50.

infiniti Q50 The appearance design of gives people a refreshing feeling , The mature design style makes many car owners love Infiniti Q50 gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory . The front face design has a strong Infiniti style ,LED The headlights are bright , The tail is designed to be retracted and retracted , Highlight the noble character of the car owner who is enterprising but not proud . The waistline design greatly strengthens the three-dimensional feeling of the body , But the tire configuration is mediocre , Lacking a sense of strength . The interior materials and design have always been fairly standard in the same level of models . The central control design lacks features , There are no bright design highlights , The interior materials are not very kind , Feel a little rough , Seat bag 、 The color matching of the center console and the door is not harmonious , It's a little uncomfortable . So Infiniti Q50 It's not surprising that they gave a low score on the interior upholstery .

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