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Old drivers often say: is it true that Volkswagen can't repair well and Toyota can't drive badly?

2021-08-25 14:31:21 Oriental Information automobile

Volkswagen and Toyota , They are two giants in the global automobile industry , Extraordinary strength , However, there are great differences in the R & D concepts of the two brands , The public pays attention to science and technology 、 Mechanical technology and manufacturing resistance , Toyota focuses on stability 、 Durability and economic practicability , therefore , A long time , There are folk “ People who can't fix it , A good Toyota ” This kind of view .

But this statement is not necessarily completely correct , Now I often see that some old Jettas still drive very well , It can be seen that Volkswagen cars are not necessarily durable and have many problems , It also has a great relationship with car drivers .

It's not that Volkswagen cars are of poor quality , say “ People who can't fix it ” Mainly because , Many Volkswagen models after a period of use , There are all kinds of small problems , Such as abnormal noise 、 shake 、 Oil burning and other problems , These problems are difficult to solve completely , Car owners have to deal with these problems constantly , therefore , It looks like “ It can't be repaired well ”, And Toyota for Volkswagen , There are few small problems , The car will not have problems for several years , Car owners don't have to spend energy on maintenance , Naturally there is “ It doesn't suck ” That's not true .

This phenomenon is not because Volkswagen car enterprises do not pay attention to cars , It's just that the two car companies have different car manufacturing ideas , The public prefers to use the latest technology , May ignore the actual vehicle environment , Therefore, it may lead to the acclimatization of new technologies , Toyota's development philosophy is stability first , Prefer to use mature and stable technology , Therefore, there are naturally fewer small problems .

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