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The Japanese national six car has dropped again? The fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.2L, which is the "sales crown" of cars at the same price?

2021-08-25 14:45:46 Oriental Information automobile

At present, the cars that sell well in the automobile market are usually compact cars and some distinctive SUV automobile . It can be said that many teaching posts are loved by people , Mainly because the vehicle is more economical and durable . With the launch of the national six new targets , The national standards for pollution discharge are also more stringent , Many models can not meet . Of course , The auto market has also responded quickly , Immediately launched a new car that meets the national six emission standards .

The price of new cars will not be very low when they are first launched , So the price has been high . But as time goes on , The price of the new car has been given an obvious discount . Today, , This new Nissan Xuanyi car , There is a big discount , At present, the purchase has a high cost performance . The strength of this temperament is good , The monthly sales volume is 30000 or 40000 units . The Japanese national six car has dropped again ? 100km fuel consumption only 5.2L, In cars at the same price “ Pin crown ”?

How does this car perform ? Let's take a specific look at .

The first thing to say is , This car meets the latest pollution emission standards , It can be said to be a real energy-saving and environment-friendly car . meanwhile , The car is very good in terms of safety and power performance , Got a certain degree of recognition .

The appearance of the vehicle adopts family design language , The front face is U Shape design , The headlights on both sides also perform very well , The appearance of the whole vehicle is very aggressive , Show the publicized personality of the car . The waistline design of the vehicle body is particularly sharp , Show the very good lines of the car . The performance of the vehicle is calm, revealing a trace of publicity , Showing a low profile , Confident style , This is very consistent with the aesthetic view of Chinese people .

The interior design of the car is also very good . First , The car has a lot of space , Overall, the ride comfort is also quite high , At the same time, the design of the seat is particularly reasonable , It has been called mobile design . The configuration in the car is very perfect , It has a large LCD screen, reversing image and GPS Navigation , Computer display and automatic control system . The overall configuration level is also relatively high . And the car is also very good in detail , It is decorated with piano baking paint and chrome plated trim , Improved the sense of class in the car , It shows a good atmosphere and style .

And in terms of motivation , The vehicle uses 1.6L 1.8L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , And the matching is the fifth gear manual or CVT transmission . The maximum horsepower can reach 93 Code and 102 code , And the maximum torque can reach 168 Niumi and 174 Cattle meters . Power can meet people's needs , And it's especially good in terms of oil saving , The fuel consumption is very low .

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