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No one bought it! The vehicle is 4.7m long and equipped with 2.0T engine

2021-08-25 14:45:54 Oriental Information automobile

since SUV Since the popularity of models , All auto companies are developing towards this field , At the same time, many new brands have sprouted , Hanteng automobile is one of the brands , Although this car has been established for a short time , But we attach great importance to the technology of the car , So the hanteng created X7 It's pretty good , But this car is selling well at the beginning , It's also selling four or five thousand a month , But then there were only two thousand for several months . Now this car has been modified , Improved a lot overall , The price is also more close to the people , as long as 6.58 All the , I did come with great sincerity .

The appearance of the car doesn't change much , The overall style is still stable , The inverted trapezoidal grid has clear layers , Both sides are equipped with headlights that integrate far and near , Only the xenon lamp source is used internally , But the price is there , You can't ask too much , The lighting effect is still very good .

Although this is a compact SUV, But from the side of the car , It will make people feel a very powerful force , The full body is also very atmospheric , With multi spoke wheels , It not only reflects the beauty of the car , Without losing the domineering style . The tail uses the most popular through tail lamp , The angular tail lights are also very handsome , More eye-catching after lighting .

Size is definitely the best in the same class , The length has reached 4671mm, The wheelbase is 2810mm, It can be seen how spacious the interior of the car is , Let the comfort also reach the highest level . Although the price of the car is very cheap , But the interior design is very classy , Especially the liquid crystal screen suspended in the central control , It brings a strong sense of science and Technology , At the same time, we are also very careful in the use of materials , Most of the places are cortical , And added the decoration of imitation wood veneer , Create a strong sense of luxury . It is worth mentioning that , Seat with active 10 Directional regulation , Let comfort play to the highest level .

The power is 1.5T and 2.0T The engine of , These two engines are now the most mainstream configuration , among 2.0T It's still Mitsubishi's technology , It is more stable than other engines , So the advantages of this car are very obvious , Plus the price of less than 60000 , It's a very cost-effective car .

source : China Star circle

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