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Volkswagen has added a "new general", which is more beautiful than Audi Q7. It has a hybrid fuel consumption of 2.7L. What do you want

2021-08-25 14:46:11 Oriental Information automobile

With the strong strength of Volkswagen and good brand awareness , It plays an indispensable role in the domestic automobile market , It has a rich product layout and has produced a number of best-selling models , Especially in the past two years SUV The market has made a great contribution , A number of new products have been listed SUV, The key has achieved good results , To this end, continue to strike while the iron is hot , Appeared in a high force grid big seven SUV—— The public T-PrimeGTE, It looks better than Audi Q7 Also dignified , Next, let's look at its specific performance . aesthetic , The front face adopts multiple through type bright chrome plated air inlet grilles , And with sharp on both sides LED The headlights are perfectly integrated , Create a strong visual impact , It looks very recognizable , Through the lower grille and on both sides C Type daytime running lamp , It seems very domineering , dynamic . Public add again “ New general ”, Than the audi Q7 beautiful , With hybrid fuel consumption 2.7L, What do you want, hannanda .

As for the side of the body , This car is very powerful , Straight and strong waistline design , Full of a strong sense of muscle and strength , Suspended roof , Multi spoke chrome wheel hub , Hidden BC Columns and rising D column , It greatly enhances the sportiness of the car , It looks particularly beautiful , In size , The length, width and height are respectively 5069mm/2000mm/1708mm, The wheelbase is 3000mm.

After entering the car , The design of the whole interior is particularly high-end and high-grade , The encircling center console is covered with a large area of soft material , And through the piano painted panel and through the wood decorative strip , Both grade and texture , Design of embedded LCD and full LCD instrument panel , It makes the sense of science and technology in the car burst , The three spoke steering wheel is wrapped in leather , The grip is very full and solid , Key shift design , I can't put it down at first sight

Finally, look at the design of power , The new car will be equipped with a set of 2.0T Turbocharged engine + Oil electric hybrid system of motor , Corresponding matching 7 Double clutch gearbox , Maximum explosive 276 KW output power , Excellent dynamic performance , 100km acceleration only 6 Seconds to complete , The key fuel consumption is 2.7L about .

source : China Star circle

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