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The performance monster in dress, 550 HP + 3.1m wheelbase, can also meet the performance and comfort

2021-08-25 14:47:38 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of large displacement models , All kinds of American cars must not be bypassed , If Italy likes to use large displacement engines in super running to meet the performance needs of super running , American cars like to use large displacement in their daily cars , For example, the one we're going to see today CT-6 Of V8 edition , It can be said to be a performance monster .

Whether it's BBA Or a second tier luxury brand , They all like to add a model with huge displacement to their flagship model , image BBA Medium S8,S600, And BMW 760 Models such as , This level of model does not have to consider its sales , Even without considering the cost , But the meaning of their existence is more important , It's like raising the grade of the whole car line , And there are many improvements to the grade of the whole brand .

But Cadillac is like a simple child , I really intend to make a good sales performance on this level of models , So on this one CT-6 V On , Gave a strong impetus , And a more comfortable driving experience .

In appearance , This car is basically based on CT-6 Created by , But in CT-6 On the basis of , The car also has some treatment on the appearance details , For example, a more concise front face , It consists of a huge honeycomb grid and CT-6 The headlights of the same model consist of , The dark color matching also adds a lot of texture to the whole front face .

As a medium and large car , The size of this car easily reaches 5223*1879*1492mm, And the wheelbase has reached 3109mm, The slender body and straight lines can bring enough comfort to the car , The details including the wheel hub also show that the car has a very low-key performance .

On the interior , The machine V This version of Cadillac is no better than an ordinary version of CT-6 More luxurious , Just the carbon fiber panel on the platform looks very sporty , Replaced the LCD Meter , But the display effect is still the classic white panel .

Of course, this car is different from the ordinary version CT-6 The difference lies in its power , This code “ Black Wing ” The engine was also brought by Cadillac to 21 century , But after a new design , The machine V8 The engine not only has twin turbocharging , Four camshafts are rotated on the cylinder head . And all this makes the engine explode 550 Horse power performance , In addition, the engine also supports closed cylinder technology , You can only run... During daily driving 4 One cylinder bank , Achieve the purpose of energy saving and better driving .

At the end , Cadillac added a... To the car “V” The logo of , Announced its high-performance positioning , But when the auto industry is getting more and more depressed , This small car with large displacement is also gradually disappearing , Including this car , Whether mass production is still unknown .

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