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Larger than the size of BMW 3 series, 10At + 241 HP

2021-08-25 14:47:43 Oriental Information automobile

Chinese car market , The most popular news of price reduction must be Cadillac's ATS-L, The margin of preference exceeds 4 become , Many people will Cadillac's ATS-L It is called a luxury car of more than 100000 levels , Cadillac ATS-L The reason why there is such a huge margin of preference , Related to the implementation of the Sixth National , In addition, it has been on the market for ten years ATS-L There will be a new generation , And its replacement is today's one CT-5.

In fact, we can also see from the naming , The future Cadillac will adopt a new naming method in the car line , The car series is based on CT Series based , And this one CT-5 It's a Cadillac that wants to match BMW 3 Series of products .

Throughout the first half of the year, Cadillac's sales were among the domestic luxury brands , Reached the fourth place , Second only to BBA,ATS-L The huge growth in sales volume is definitely contributed to Cadillac , But now this important task will fall to CT-5 On me , therefore CT-5 It's destined to be a measuring car .

Design in appearance ,CT-5 Obviously, it has changed the latest family design , As a representative of American luxury cars ,CT-5 The handsome appearance should attract a lot of people , The new front face design further refines the diamond cutting style , The shield grille design keeps the classic at the same time , It also adds more sports elements , Large area bright black medium mesh , Exquisite chrome strip decoration , Are showing a new sense of class .

A large area of the front face adopts an exposed honeycomb mesh design , This can be seen both in the front surround and in the design of the fog lamp hole , The black Chinese open is not only an improvement to the visual sense of motion , The performance of delicacy is also good .

CT-5 The whole car's lamp group adopts LED The light source , And it's all standard , Adopted LED The advantage of light source is that it can leave more space for design , Slender headlight group , Tear shaped daytime light design , It's all in LED Only under the premise of light source .

The design of sliding back has now become a new style of many luxury cars , Here it is CT-5 It's the same with me , A huge sliding back appears on the side of the car , Directly enhance the sense of movement to the peak , Long wheelbase plus extended side glass , Can bring a slender visual sense , In terms of body size , This car is better than BMW 3 The size of the tie is even exaggerated , Reached 4924*1883*1453mm, The wheelbase is 2974mm, Although the wheelbase is better than BMW 3 It's a little shorter , But there are basically no opponents in the same level .

On the interior , No more emphasis on the previous shield family design , The light and thin floating screen and the newly designed key layout can bring a better sense of science and Technology , The two-color leather package will not make the car look too old , It's still a simple style , But this simplicity is because many functions and physical keys are concentrated on the screen , Instead of reducing the configuration .

And in the internal configuration , This car is also fully configured , The liquid crystal instrument , Three spoke steering wheel with shift paddle , as well as BOSE sound , It's better than BBA There are many competitive products at the same level , The spacious and comfortable seats still conform to the style of American cars , It also greatly improves the comfort .

Made in China CT-5 It's using 2.0T The engine of , The overseas version also provides 3.0T Power , The machine 2.0T Our engine has 241 horsepower , It's a high-powered model in its class , But it's the same as before ATS-L comparison , The momentum has weakened , In exchange for more economical fuel consumption performance , In addition, the car also supports the two cylinder economic model , And Sport mode , collocation 10AT The transmission , I'm still looking forward to his fuel consumption performance .

source : China Star circle

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