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Is the electronic handbrake easy to use? Why are other cars in use, but Japanese cars are hardly used?

2021-08-25 14:47:51 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years, various configurations of cars produced by major automobile brands are also quite a lot , Whether it's a high-end car , Or low-end models , Various configurations are available . Especially for many female drivers , Mechanical handbrake that can't be pulled , There are also obvious improvements . Compared with the traditional mechanical handbrake , Electronic handbrake can be said to be very easy to use . You can see from the shape , The advantage of electronic handbrake is not small , It takes up little space , It's easy to operate , Just press it gently .

relatively speaking , Mechanical handbrake is too complicated , For female drivers with less power , Sometimes you can't easily put down the mechanical handbrake . Now many car brands have begun to use electronic handbrake . Because no matter from the appearance , From the perspective of use , Electronic handbrake is obviously easier to use than traditional mechanical handbrake . Even if TV is like this , Other cars are in use , Only Japanese cars hardly use electronic handbrake , Still using the mechanical handbrake , Especially Toyota and Nissan , It is rarely used .

In terms of cost , Electronic handbrake is actually a progress of mechanical handbrake , The requirements for various technologies are higher , This means that the cost of electronic handbrake is much higher than that of mechanical handbrake . Because the internal structure of the mechanical handbrake is still very simple , But electronic handbrake because of various electronic components , So the internal structure is very complex , The relative price will also be too low . It is also one of the reasons why Japanese cars rarely use electronic handbrake . For car companies , Although the cost of an electronic handbrake will not be particularly high , But the electronic handbrake required by all vehicles is added together , It won't be very cheap .

And for car companies , It's better to spend money on the blade to make more profits . Relative to other cars , The configuration of Japanese cars is relatively simple , Many accessories are not essential, they are not available . in addition , Although the electronic handbrake looks very easy to use , But its safety is actually not as good as that of mechanical handbrake . Because the electronic handbrake needs to be controlled by electronic components , Therefore, it can't compare with the mechanical hand brake in stability . Some car owners will worry , In case of driving , The electronic handbrake doesn't work , Or it can't be loosened. What should I do ?

And because the structure of the electronic handbrake is more precise , It's certainly not cheap in terms of maintenance fees . And because the operation of the electronic handbrake is too simple , Some car owners will worry , What if you suddenly encounter the electronic handbrake while driving ? In fact, all kinds of auto parts are becoming more and more scientific and technological , Of course, there are many problems . But as people use , These shortcomings will still be improved .

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