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The truth behind a photo, Miss bear doesn't need anyone's help

2021-08-25 14:48:02 Oriental Information automobile

Nine square fish on the original point of view , No plagiarism

8 month 21 Japan , After the attentive notice of a policy hall sister-in-law , The widow, Miss Xiong, started the live broadcast again . Very carefully, even the live platform is too lazy to open , I'm afraid of accidentally crossing over and seeing her . I don't want to send some traffic . Fear of becoming poor , Afraid she said “ Ask my husband ”.

Today is July 14 of the lunar calendar , The dead may be reluctant to leave , Look at . If you see Miss bear's dyed hair , Earrings on earbones , Diamond ring 、 bracelet 、 The necklace , It should be comforting . She's still her , Can still live such a personalized life .


This photo , There is no need to explain , Telling us , She's really what she said , Good , Will work hard . Actually think about it , Miss bear is really good . The husband has cancer , Not ruined , And a surplus .

Children were small , But not orphans and widows . Yes 10 A still 15 A doctor is going to train the child all the way to college . I don't know who it is , What are they going to teach their children . But at least , Miss bear doesn't have to worry about education .

The doctor's teaching

And material , With the financial resources of her mother-in-law, Ms. du 、 Real estate , Sooner or later it's her , Or children's . Ms. Du once said , The cousins at home are far away . So real estate , They don't have to take it , Taking is bullying orphans and widows .

Orphans and widows take them out as amulets when they need them . Take a closer look at , Real estate in Henan , Jiujiang's real estate , There is Wanda real estate being sought , Miss bear seems to be a rich man .


How could her life not go on ? Live rewards are also money , Carrying goods is also money . The broadcast must mention the dead husband , Shed a little tears at the right time , The gift just came .

Miss bear's tears are affectionate , Is Xu Min's tears false ? Why did Xu Min ever say that “ poor wretch ”, Who ever sent someone to find her adopted son who died ?

The payment of real gold and silver , In exchange “ knock Fraud ” The taunts of ; Those who have enthusiastically donated money for a policy to change their liver , In exchange “ poor wretch ” A mockery of . that , Now the people who brush gifts , What will you get ?


Love , I hate meeting , The rich receive the love of the poor , Continue to maintain the original high standard of living . A man without money , I think my love is great . each takes what he needs , It's a good deal . Just love , The real poor who can't get help , Not even live , Fundraising channels , And blocked by these vested interests .

source : Nine square fish theory

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