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Song with you: Cheng Xi's self disclosure of her life experience makes me confirm the fact that she is her brother

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Introduction :《 Song with Jun 》 Cheng Xi reveals his life experience , Let me confirm a fact : The king is her brother

By Zhang Yuxi 、 Cheng Yi 、 Xuanlu 、 Ancient costume conspiracy drama starring Han Dong 《 Song with Jun 》 It's on the air .

The play tells the story of Qiu Yanzhi and Cheng Ruoyu, sisters in the hostile camp , Join hands with Qi Yan and others to eradicate the story of eunuch Qiu Shiliang .

In the play , Cheng Xi, this woman is really not simple , I thought everyone saw through her , As a result, everyone looked away , Another hidden female villain , Play a double game , Really, you can do anything to achieve your goal .

With Cheng Xi revealing his life experience , Let me confirm a fact : Wang Yu is her half brother , Then it is no doubt that the king is the right phase !

The right phase is also hidden , Rarely show up , On the surface, it works for Qiu Shiliang , In fact, under Qiu Shiliang's eyelids , Cultivate your own power , Take over Qiu Shiliang's general chess camp and Shencai Army , For and by .

Once the right phase took off his mask , Disfigured , People thought he was the king , It should be that the king is afraid to expose himself , Find a substitute to test Qiu Yanzhi's life experience .

However, Cheng Xi has a secret conversation with Youshi around Youxiang , Cheng Ruoyu hears their plan unexpectedly , Cheng Ruoyu sees the true face of his aunt , Cheng Xi doesn't want to hide , Tell Cheng Ruoyu about his life experience and plan , I hope Cheng Ruoyu can help her . So I'm more sure that Wang Yu is Cheng Xi's brother .

First of all , Cheng Xi said Youxiang was his half brother , I entered the purple clothes Bureau in order to find my brother , Cheng Xi and Cheng Huaizhi are the same father and mother , Cheng Xi and Wang Yu are half brothers , And their mother was the maid of the Empress Dowager , He was favored by the Emperor , Gave birth to the king , So the Empress Dowager doesn't like the king .

second , Qi Yan hopes uncle Yu will go out of the mountain , Join hands to deal with Qiu Shiliang , He Wang decides to sincerely assist Qi Yan , Get rid of Qiu Shiliang's control , It happened that Youxiang changed his mind and decided to assist Qi Yan , The right phase is the king .

Third , Cheng Xi wants to usurp the throne and rebel , Support your brother right phase up , Cheng Xi is so confident , There's only one possibility , My brother is also royal blood , Also qualified to inherit the throne , Besides, there is the imperial edict of the former Emperor . And Cheng Xi said he would help his brother to the top , Take advantage of Qi Yan to launch a mutiny on the day when he granted king an as the emperor's eldest brother .

So , These three points make me more convinced , The real right phase is the king , He Wang is also Cheng Xi's half brother , What Cheng Xi wants to help is actually his brother, Yu Wang . Just because the king doesn't want to ascend by despicable means , He wants to be above board , He Wang also sincerely assisted Qi Yan , Get rid of Qiu Shiliang's control .

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