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When you buy a great wall gun pickup truck, the owner lives in the countryside and exposes the fuel consumption of rural roads at 3400 km

2021-08-25 14:48:58 Oriental Information automobile

The Great Wall cannon is the latest pickup truck of the Great Wall , The original intention of its design is to meet the multi-purpose needs of the family , So many car clubs in suburban areas choose the Great Wall gun , Especially some pragmatic middle-aged riders , The reason they give is : Three pieces are reliable ,2.0T The engine is quite powerful , Vehicle configuration rich , The chassis is very high , It's very suitable to drive in the countryside .

The picture shows a driver in Hebei who spent 15 The Great Wall cannon bought for 10000 yuan , The owner lives in the countryside , Buying a great wall cannon and living in the countryside is also an experience .

Every man has a big pickup truck in his heart , At present, Toyota has a smooth way 、 ford F150、 Dodge Ram and other imported large displacement pickups are very popular in our country , The sales of pickup trucks have been getting better and better over the years , In especial 10 10000 yuan pickup truck , So many domestic car companies are developing durable pickups , And the Great Wall has a pickup base , Therefore, the Great Wall gun has been liked by the majority of middle-aged motorists after it went on the market .

Let's take a look at the basic body size of this great wall gun , Its length, width and height are respectively 5.41 rice 、1.934 rice 、1.886 rice , Weight of the super 2 Tons of , Body leather , The towing space is also relatively large , The length, width and height of the towing box are 1.52 rice 、1.52 rice 、0.538 rice , The owner of the car said that he often used the car after he bought it , Pull some bags of rice 、 Fertilizer is easy , When you're free, take your wife and children out for a self driving tour , It feels like this great wall cannon has become a part of our family , I have to say this big pickup is really practical .

The appearance of the Great Wall cannon is also a bonus , The specifications of the front and rear wheels are 265/60 R18, Solid chassis , Black wheel eyebrows , White car paint looks very fashionable . Let's look at the suspension part , Double wishbone front independent suspension , The rear suspension is a multi link integral bridge non independent suspension , The choice of suspension improves its off-road performance .

The owner said :“ I like its appearance very much , During the Qingming Festival, relatives drove Mercedes Benz and BMW SUV Come back , My great wall guns are no inferior when parked together .”

The night dashboard of the Great Wall cannon , It can be seen from the dashboard that the car is running close 3400 km , The owner said that this was the fuel consumption just after the delivery , It's acceptable , Normal fuel consumption 10L many , The fuel consumption will be a little higher when pulling goods .

It carries 2.0T 190 horsepower L4 engine , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission , Good ride , Car major , It's understandable that the fuel consumption is a little higher , And there's a reversing image , Car side blind area image , Cruise control , Rich in configuration , Relatively speaking, the cost performance is very high .

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