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The SUV that is difficult to surpass is 2.0T + 6at, up to 4870mm, and the price is close to the people

2021-08-25 14:49:03 Oriental Information automobile

With the progress of society , Cars are increasingly becoming a necessity for people , Carmakers are even more aggressive , Looking back 10 years , Countless luxury cars lead each other .“ King of quality ” Volkswagen Santana , Has become a household name .“ Practical contestants ” Toyota corolla , Appearance and interior decoration are all features . With the continuous updating of models , The way to win the car is to capture the hearts of the car buying group , Now I will share with you this Tang , It is difficult to surpass SUV,2.0T+6AT, Long 4870mm, The price is close to the people !

Tang is the trump model that BYD has done its best to build , Relying on its young and novel modeling design , Take the initiative to meet the requirements of the car purchasing group. When selecting a car, first look at the appearance and other requirements , Because of this , Tang has achieved good results in fame . But everyone's eyes are becoming more and more critical , Consumers' requirements for buying a car vary greatly , To speed up 、 Change direction 、 comfortable 、 Resistance to manufacture 、 Atmosphere, etc , Car brands want long-term success , We must achieve all-round development . Tang, who has become the focus of the car industry , Aside from the young and fashionable configuration design it relies on , So how does it perform in other aspects ? only 12.99 Whether the price from 10000 yuan is as outstanding as the cost performance ? Next, let me explain this classic model in detail —— The tang dynasty .

The stunning appearance is the biggest highlight of Tang , Gorgeous and eye-catching modeling design shows the contemporary cutting-edge Aesthetics . China open is integrated with polygonal headlights on both sides to complement each other , The rear lamp design undoubtedly brings more layers to the rear with little space . The side lines stretch , Fully display Tang's unique unique beauty , Just looking at the tire can also see its stability and atmosphere . The interior materials and design have always been fairly standard in the same level of models . The central control design lacks features , There are no design advantages that shine in front of people , Interior materials are still dominated by large areas of hard plastics , Lack of gear , There is a lack of amazing grain costumes next to the bumper and around the center console , Lack of youth . As a whole , Tang's interior configuration can't provide enough face for the car users .

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