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The new Cadillac CT5 is so handsome

2021-08-25 14:52:21 Oriental Information automobile

New Cadillac CT5 coming , Coming on the market , Will be in 10 month 20 Official listing , Many riders are ready to move . Cadillac as an overseas automobile brand , Brand strength and reputation are not BBA So loud , But the appearance of the model is not bad at all . Cadillac CT5 The design is also very fashionable , It adopts the latest design language , The movement type 、 younger 、 Science and technology are embodied in this luxury car . Coming on the market CT5 Also let the popular Audi A4L()、 Mercedes C Magnitude and BMW 3 system () Feel pressure .

New Cadillac CT5() It's also open for pre-sale , The pre-sale price range is 28-34 ten thousand , Comprehensive brand strength , This price is a little higher . Cadillac CT5 Positioned as a mid size car , A flat shield grille is arranged on the front face , And adopt all black coating , Full of domineering feeling . Car body , New Cadillac CT5 The length, width and height are respectively 4924*1883*1453/1445mm, Wheelbase reached 2947mm, Good data support the interior space , Plenty of space is also comfortable to sit .

Cadillac on the tail CT5 Also very charming , Typical duck tail design with cocked up , Three dimensional blackened tail lamp , The lower side of the tail is also provided with a double row and double outlet exhaust pipe . Cadillac CT5 The interior design is also cool , LCD instrument panel and semi suspended display , A strong sense of Technology . motivation , New Cadillac CT5 Will pick up 2.0T Variable cylinder inline four cylinder engine , The maximum output power is 241 horsepower , Peak torque is 350N.m, And what matches that is 10 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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