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Zhongtai version of "Lexus" appears, with a strong momentum, more than tuang, electric suction door + 8at

2021-08-25 15:04:01 Oriental Information automobile

indeed , With the continuous progress of China's independent car making technology , Domestic consumers are choosing their favorite cars , It is also more and more inclined to choose cars independently developed in China . But just a few years ago , Domestic cars have not yet opened up, when the market is hot , Many car companies have to rely on imitating the appearance of foreign famous cars to win attention . It has to be mentioned that it is jokingly called “ Scale part ” Zhongtai . now , Zhongtai pushed again “ Domestic Lexus ” It's called Da mai X7S; In recent days, , Some media took spy photos of the real car without camouflage , Let's have a preview .

From the outside , The huge air intake grille is particularly attractive , The interior is also blackened , The overall shape is similar to that of Lexus LX570 The spindle grid is very similar . Besides , Sharp headlamp group composed of multi interval light sources , With a fierce front surround , Very powerful , Even higher than the public tuang .

The side of the car , Straight and regular double waist line to the rear of the car , Strong muscle lines make people feel an inexplicable sense of security ; And double five spoke petal aluminum alloy wheel hub , But it makes the new car reveal fashion again . The overall shape of the rear part is also square 、 Mainly regular , Nowadays, the popular matrix through tail lamp , Deepened the level atmosphere of the new car ; And echoing the back of the front face, imitating mechanical digging , With a rectangular exhaust system with double inlet and double outlet , It shows the strong sports style of the new car . Tai Mai X7S The length, width and height are respectively 4764/1931/1672mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm.

interiors , The overall presentation of the combination of soft and hard , Chrome trim and double seam stripes added at the right time ; It is equipped with embedded central control multimedia display and neat physical keys , Although not the ultimate luxury , But it looks clean and comfortable . Refer to the rich configurations carried in Zhongtai's previous vehicle series , You can imagine Da mai X7S The configuration should not disappoint everyone ; And it has almost become a family standard electric suction door , There must be no less . motivation , Tai Mai X7S Although it will be adopted 2.0T+8AT The combination of , But it's time to 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is only 190 horsepower , People can't help but sigh that there are some “ Little horse cart ” The smell of .

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