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Best MV award of the 32nd Golden Melody Award "home music"

2021-08-25 15:07:05 Oriental Information automobile

The team will egg castle's willful spirit , Extend to the brand's official website , Whether it's online electricity : The sale of physical and digital albums 、 Or offline POP-UP store The news release of , Can be integrated in this independent channel , Not controlled by a third-party platform . Besides , In order to echo the brand personality of egg castle , Website design vocabulary , Use brush strokes , To continue Logo A frank attitude . Based on the website , The team launched a different MV Experience . Through multi window narration , Capture the viewer's computer desktop , At the same time, replace home experience , Visitors may be able to appreciate the daily life of egg Castle step by step .MV The execution is also different from the film , Get involved in film narration 、 Visual design 、flash From animation to program interaction , Test the technical integration ability of the team , Harmony with the picture .

「 Home music 」MV


Customer | kittle cattle

Creative and executive team |dosomething studio

Brand website

Creative director | Wang Zongxin

Project Manager |Julia Huang

Website design |Anzo Chen

front end |Webber Wu

back-end |Kevin Tu

Home music MV

Art Director / Director | Wang Zongxin

Project Manager |Julia Huang

Script planning |Moma Liu、Julia Huang、 Yang Jun

Graphic design | Yang Jun

Front end program |John Yu

3D Design |Rong Rong Yeh

Image processing |Jiayu Lu

Photographer | Cai Bingxiao ( Sharp pole mapping )


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