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Once known as Anita Mui's successor, she has experienced many ups and downs. Now she learns to live a comfortable life

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There will always be some performance costumes on some people that will be particularly abrupt , But if you put it on this feeling little Diva , But it feels like a very normal dress , She is Zheng Xiuwen, once known as Anita Mui's successor . She has countless highlights and peaks in her career , In fact, it is very tragic in terms of emotion . I'm sure you all know that , Xu Zhian and Zheng Xiuwen in the entertainment circle are famous Golden Girls , I've been in love for decades , Finally in the 13 Got married in , But there are some bad rumors about the man .

Zheng Xiuwen in order to cheer up again , Spend almost all your time on fitness , Exercise every day 7 Over hours , Finally, it was successful to come out of this period , During that time, the most updated trends on all her social platforms were related to fitness . I didn't expect that except for that thing at that time , She encountered more unfortunate things . In the same year, several films starring Zheng Xiuwen were successfully released , The performance in the play is also very excellent, and the roles are performed in a particularly delicate and in place , So as soon as the film was broadcast, her acting skills were well received , But this time, the golden statue award was missed by Zheng Xiuwen again .

It's really because you were so popular and hot in that young film at that time , So it was the heroine Zhou Dongyu who finally won the golden statue award . This is her first 6 I won the golden statue award for running with you for the first time , Obviously, you can get a nomination every time , But the final award had nothing to do with Zheng Xiuwen . Other people may not be able to accept the result , But for Zheng Xiuwen , She has already experienced the ups and downs of her life , It's not so important to see these awards . Because in addition to running with , There are rumors of trouble outside the same year , She has 10 Pets for many years , He died of illness . Learned that the pet was sick , Several nurses have been hired to take care of , But I didn't expect to bear the pain of life and death after all .

After the pet died , My father is also in critical condition , She immediately put down all her work , In the last period of time, I tried my best to accompany my father . Later, it was also because of this series of blows , She finally felt unwell and was admitted to the hospital , After leaving the hospital, she understood , Health is the most important start , Adjust your life .

Now Zheng Xiuwen has learned , Have more rest , His attitude towards life has also changed a lot , She always wants to stop at the right time and have a good rest , Instead of busy working . I hope she can live happily again in the future , Live oneself .

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