current position:Home>The most ambitious person in song with Jun was exposed. Netizen: she is more crazy than Qiu Yanzhi!

The most ambitious person in song with Jun was exposed. Netizen: she is more crazy than Qiu Yanzhi!

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Introduction :《 Song with Jun 》 The most ambitious people are exposed , Net friend : She is more crazy than Qiu Yanzhi !

By Zhang Yuxi 、 Cheng Yi 、 Xuanlu 、 Ancient costume conspiracy drama starring Han Dong 《 Song with Jun 》 It's on the air .

The play tells the story of Qiu Yanzhi and Cheng Ruoyu, sisters in the hostile camp , Join hands with Qi Yan and others to eradicate the story of eunuch Qiu Shiliang .

Come back to the point , In the play , I thought the most ambitious person was Qiu Yanzhi , She wants to marry emperor Qi Yan , Then replace Qi Yan , Become a female emperor . However, we all misunderstood Qiu Yanzhi , She wants to marry Qi Yan , Want to be Qi Yan's Queen , Just want to rehabilitate the Wang family , Kill Qiu Shiliang to avenge the Wang family .

However, the woman more ambitious than Qiu Yanzhi is Cheng Ruoyu's aunt Cheng Xi .

Cheng Xi also obeyed emperor Qi Yan in public and disobeyed him in private , In fact, there are other attempts , Cheng Xi doesn't want to help Qi Yan at all , Since Qi Yan knew that Cheng Xi was hiding the secret of yuzhenfang , Qi Yan doesn't believe Cheng Xi anymore , Let her niece Cheng Ruoyu take her place .

Cheng Xi secretly planned , Her ambition is great , She wants to usurp power , More ambitious than Qiu Shiliang , Qiu Shiliang dare not usurp the throne , After all, the power of eunuchs comes from imperial power , So he can only rely on the son of heaven to make the princes , To have supreme power .

Cheng Xi wanted to support her half brother Youxiang , Because right phase suddenly changed his mind , We should sincerely assist Qi Yan , This makes Cheng Xi very dissatisfied , So Cheng Xi helped his brother make good ideas , Betrayed Qi Yan , Sold king an to Qiu Shiliang , Just to force her brother to the top .

Cheng Xi's younger brother doesn't want to seek power and usurp the throne , But Cheng Xi still wants to force his brother to rebel , Cheng Xi has been dazzled by his ambition , She just wants to put her brother on top .

To make a long story short , Cheng Xi's desire for power , More persistent than Qiu Yanzhi , It's too much , Cheng Xi is going to destroy Daxing , Change Dynasties , So , Cheng Xi's ambition is the most terrible , She is more crazy than Qiu Yanzhi , More persistent , You can do anything to achieve your goal .

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