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The battle version poster of Ren Jialun's "Zhou Sheng as before" is easy to burn, and the White Deer dreams of returning to the fairy sword

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Ren Jialun 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 The battle poster is easy to burn , The Lord and eleven are back-to-back , Together against the broken picture of mountains and rivers , That's good , A long blue dress , Zhou shengchen with long sword , The combat power explodes , Like the God of war , Compared with Ren Jialun's determination and domineering , Cui Shiyi of White Deer , A light blue dress , Is tender like water , Like snow in June , It's amazing .

Ren Jialun's resources are really great ,《 Mackerel 》 and 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 Are highly concerned , and 《 Mackerel 》 The mistress of , It was the fire before 《 Three lives and three lives pillow a Book 》 My mistress, delireba , It seems that brother Ren joined forces , Then the ratings will be more popular .

Ren Jialun is between immature and mature , The conversion is so handy ,《 Mackerel 》 The mackerel in the long meaning , Innocent and pure , Like a teenage boy next door , And by the 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》, Brother Ren in armor , It's a moment of maturity and vicissitudes , That's pure and noble , The spirit of valuing emotion and righteousness , It's really a bit of Liu Bei's heroic and noble taste .

Although a great general , But Ren Jialun will be deeply in love with the man's temperament , It's easy to handle , Both maintain a resolute posture , And with the rest of the light in his eyes , Secretly telling the past, like smoke , Love is like a mighty rain .

White Deer dream back to fairy sword , Hostess Cui Shiyi , Although he was born in a famous family , But it's not very cold , Instead, it looks very friendly , Fresh bangs , And lovely baby fat face , It makes people feel the warmth and tenderness from the ordinary little sister next door , Plus two light ribbons on the bun , It's a little more like a little fairy in the world of mortals , It reminds people of Liu Yifei 《 Fairy sword legend 》 Zhao linger, the descendant of Nuwa in .

《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 Ren Jialun and white deer perform cp sense , It's burning , Especially the play that teaches Archery , It makes people's heart beat faster , Brother Ren's eyes , How can it be so rustling , It's like an overbearing President , Teaching the new little sister to do things , Domineering and gentle , Look, Cui Shiyi is so flustered , The eyes are a little floating .

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