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Change the car oil every 5000 km? Don't be silly. Remember this schedule. There are 80% fewer car problems

2021-08-25 15:23:52 Oriental Information automobile

Now buying a car is a very easy thing , And for friends with cars , What I fear most is what happens to the car , Because maintenance is also an expense . The later maintenance of the car is also very important for the car , If the maintenance is done well , The life of the car may be longer , Therefore, the maintenance of the car must be done well . Especially when changing the oil for the car, we must grasp the time , Automotive fluids 5000 Change every kilometer ? Don't be silly , Remember this schedule , The car has few problems 8 become ! Let's see .

1、 Engine oil

Oil is very important for cars , Not only has the function of lubrication , It can also adsorb some impurities , It can even cool down , It's impossible for the engine to run without oil . How often do you change the oil ? The type is different, and the replacement cycle is also different , The most common is mineral oil , This needs to be replaced every 5000 kilometers or half a year ; Semi synthetic oil , The replacement time of this oil is up to 7500 Kilometers or after half a year ; Full synthetic oil , This kind needs to be replaced after 10000 kilometers or a year . Therefore, the replacement time of different types of oil is also different .

2、 brake fluid

Some cars have been driving for seven or eight years , But the brake oil has never been changed , There is no abnormality in the brake , Still sensitive , In fact, even if the brake oil is not changed often , But you have to know what brake oil does . Generally, it is OK to replace the brake oil once every two years , But it doesn't have to be according to this cycle , It can be decided according to the use . If the car brand is different, the specified maintenance cycle is also different , When you buy brake oil, you can ask the master who sells brake oil , They are still very clear about this .

3、 Antifreeze

Antifreeze is to protect the components of the automobile cooling system from corrosion , Especially in winter , Antifreeze is often used to , But don't use it too often , Ordinary models only need 2 Or replace it after 40000 kilometers .

4、 Transmission oil

It is mainly to prolong the service life of the transmission device . After a certain distance, the oil in the gearbox has to be changed . But most people don't know how often to replace them . There are two types of transmission: automatic transmission and manual transmission , And they are replaced at different times , We must remember this well . The automatic transmission can be replaced once after 80000 kilometers , The manual transmission is through 6 It will be replaced once every 10000 kilometers .

5、 Power steering oil

It is mainly to reduce or enter the air and abrasive pollution , It has a certain relationship with the working performance of the power steering device . The power steering oil has to be checked after half a year , Otherwise, it will affect the power . Also, it only takes two years or 40000 kilometers for the car to be completely replaced .

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