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It's a good car that even Xiaoke is afraid of! 4WD belt lock fuel consumption: 7L, difficult to operate for ten years

2021-08-25 15:23:57 Oriental Information automobile

In compact SUV market , What consumers care about most is not only the price , And driving quality and fuel economy . One of them is like Harvard H6、 The kei GS4 The price of domestic cars is much cheaper than that of joint venture cars , However, joint venture vehicles such as Qijun Xiaoke have excellent performance in fuel economy and driving quality . Therefore, the competition between joint venture vehicles and domestic vehicles in this field is very huge , However, it is because of too much competition that the joint venture has to bow its head , The ultimate benefit is our consumers .

Also in the joint venture compact SUV Between , They are also wary of each other , Compete with each other , If one is not careful, he may be overtaken . In order to improve my core competitiveness , Many car companies either choose to cut prices , Or choose new models to alleviate consumers' aesthetic fatigue . Either of these two approaches , It has promoted consumers' demand for cars . At the same time, Korean cars have gradually declined for some reasons in recent years , Including Kia KX5, But not all Korean cars will be abandoned by consumers . It's like Tucson except in 1 In addition to the product update in January , It has no new models on the market anymore , But its sales are not low , In the latest 9 month , Its sales reached 13242 car . So it seems that Tucson has indeed captured the hearts of consumers , And it has the strength that even Xiaoke is afraid of .

Tucson is positioned as a compact SUV, It faces competitors other than Xiaoke , Qi jun 、 Outlander and Honda CRV It is also its most direct opponent . Therefore, it is not easy to stand out from so many competitors , Not to mention that buying it will even face some psychological pressure , This proves that Tucson's strength is indeed very strong . Besides , Tucson also has its first year 74.87% And the third year 60.78% Excellent hedge ratio , And its 100 car failure rate is also relatively low , And in terms of after-sales, it also takes out 5 A year's warranty , This proves that it is indeed a good joint venture car . In addition, it is below 3 The performance is also commendable . A good joint venture car that even Xiaoke is afraid of ! 4WD belt lock fuel consumption 7 l , It's hard to use a wrench for ten years 15 ten thousand .

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