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How about the C5? What are its advantages? You'll understand after reading it

2021-08-25 15:24:00 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of society , Cars are becoming a necessity for everyone , Carmakers are even more aggressive , Many extraordinary models have emerged .“ Mobile sofa ” Nissan teana , All the way up , be a trend which cannot be halted .“ The sales king of luxury cars ” BMW 5 system , It continues to attract young buyers . In today's diversified automobile market , A brand car can stand out only if it is accurately positioned , This one is Tianyi C5. Tianyi C5 How's this car ? What are its advantages ? After reading it, you will understand !

Tianyi C5 It is a model that Citroen brand attaches great importance to in the domestic market SUV, Relying on its unique configuration style , It is perfectly integrated with the demand that people regard the appearance of the car as an important vehicle selection condition , Therefore, it has always attracted the attention of car buyers . The times are progressing , People are also becoming more and more picky , Secondary steering light 、LED headlight 、 Multi spoke hub, etc , The unique configuration style alone , Users won't pay . Today, Tianyi, which is gaining momentum C5, The unique modeling style is certainly only one of its highlights , So what other features can it attract users ? Whether its comprehensive cost performance is worthy 14.97 The suggested price of 10000 yuan ? Next, let's study and understand Citroen's power cart —— Tianyi C5.

Tianyi C5 The appearance of Qingxin Junyi is designed to meet the aesthetics of riders , The mature design style makes many car buyers pay attention to Tianyi C5 gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory . The chic headlights effectively enhance the natural comfort C5 Identification degree of , The tail lamp design undoubtedly brings more layers to the tail with small space . The side lines stretch , Absolutely show Tianyi C5 Unique exquisite beauty , Four big feet are strong , The tire width and tire pattern can show its strong grip performance . Interior design , Four words can be used to describe : art beats nature . The central control LCD screen and multi-function steering wheel make the new car look very fashionable , The meticulous interior workmanship keeps the car owner from losing face , The ornaments around the door handle and central control add a lot of artistic sense . In general , Tianyi C5 The interior materials and color matching of have strong competitiveness in the models of the same level .

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