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It's better to buy hanlanda than to buy it. It fell from 510000 to 250000. It's higher than Audi Q5

2021-08-25 15:24:03 Oriental Information automobile

In the big 7 seat SUV In , We are most familiar with Toyota Highlander , It not only has a domineering appearance , It is more satisfactory in space , However, in this rapidly developing and highly competitive automobile market , Whether it's any car , It's hard to be alone . Competitors are constantly emerging , One of them is the Land Rover brand , Land Rover, the dream of many men , Because of his noble blood , When it was first introduced into China , Despite the high price , But it is still popular with local tyrants in China . Next, let's see if it's better to buy hanlanda , from 51 Ten thousand down 24 ten thousand , Open out , Than the audi Q5 Still up to grade .

The new car adopts the Land Rover family grille design , The iconic mesh grille in the center is integrated with the unique headlamp groups on both sides . In the lower right corner of the tail “ Land rover ” The logo indicates the domestic identity of the car , Land Rover Discovery Shenxing adopts the new design language of the Land Rover family , The front air grille adopts the classic double horizontal banner design , The slender strip headlamp group is integrated into LED The light source , The whole shape is very dynamic .

In the interior , This car continues the design of overseas models . The workmanship and materials of the interior are also quite exquisite , Most of them are wrapped in leather . Besides , Domestic models also retain a rotary shift system .

In terms of motivation , New car carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , use 9 Self - contained gearbox , Maximum horsepower 241ps, The combined torque can reach 340NM,0-100km/h Accelerate as fast as 8.4s,

The new Land Rover Discovery Shenxing has a total of 6 Different versions of two configurations , The official guide price is 35.58 ten thousand —51.38 Between ten thousand , But dealers everywhere clearly know , To sell at this price , Consumers don't accept it at all , Sales are also almost 0. at present , The quotation of a dealer in Changsha has completely fallen below 25 ten thousand , See the price , Is everyone excited ?

source : China Star circle

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