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The new warrior has been greatly transformed, the appearance has become more domineering, and the interior has been greatly upgraded

2021-08-25 15:25:32 Oriental Information automobile

If it comes to domestic off-road vehicles , You can't stop talking about warriors , Compare with foreign brands , It is still very powerful , But other brands seem to have a little distance , Now domestic brands are also developing rapidly , In terms of hardline cross-country, Harvard has a little advantage , But most still prefer the urban side , BAIC 212 And warriors are actually more traditional , It's hard style , If you can improve the comfort a little, you can get more sales .

But the real off-road vehicle emphasizes the hardline style , If you emphasize comfort, you will lose the performance of the off-road vehicle itself , Many famous off-road vehicles abroad are like this , But now you want to get more sales , Comfort is also an aspect , Everyone hopes the car has a strong appearance , Also have a comfortable ride .

But a big feature of hardline style is that it meets the needs of men , It gives people a strong sense of momentum , For example, one of the characteristics of the new BAIC warrior is full of domineering , And very beautiful , If you drive it and compare it with some of Harvard's off-road vehicles, you will know the gap , This is especially true for BAIC warrior , The shape is very unique , Looks stronger than a horse herder , And the price is cheaper than the horse herder , Very good off-road performance , And there is definitely a high return rate when driving in the city .

At present, the price of BAIC warrior is not very high , You can buy it for more than 100000 , And the performance is good , The gasoline version of five door 4WD is very good , Very practical , Now the body length of the new BAIC warrior is 4490mm, The width is 1825mm, The height has reached 1950mm, This is a bright spot , The car is definitely big , The wheelbase has 2600, The interior space of the car is quite large , It's also because the car itself is square , So there's enough space .

In terms of power, BAIC warrior's new car is equipped with 2.4T The engine of , You can achieve 204 horsepower , The output is still very strong , And the torque is 320 Cattle meters , Many friends like this car because its output is very strong , The size of the tire is also relatively large , Very comfortable to drive , But the car itself is not equipped with an airbag , We can install it ourselves .

After BAIC warrior's new car is purchased, we still need to upgrade the car , On the one hand, the interior , There are also reversing radar and images , In consideration of safety, airbags should also be installed , There is also the need to consider every aspect of the car's configuration , Improve off-road capability , The car doesn't have a body stability system , It's more comfortable to drive after installation .

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