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"Anti Mafia storm" seems to have a happy ending, but there is a big hole that has not been filled

2021-08-25 15:25:52 Oriental Information automobile

TV play 《 Black storm 》 The general plot of , Most of the audience , It's already clear in my heart , Although the process is tortuous , But fortunately, the ending is more satisfactory , The bad guys in the play , In the end, they were punished , On the whole , The plot trend of the play , It's also more reasonable , We're in the play , You can see many contradictions , Some complicated problems , In the end, it is summarized into one person , Even an organization .

We also talk about the ending of the characters in the play , Make an analysis , Sun Xing's ending , The audience should also be more concerned about , After all, Sun Xing is a man who does all kinds of evil , Such people in front of the police , No fear , He thought he could cover the sky with one hand , Unexpectedly, this has brought more trouble to his mother , Later, Sun Xing was arrested , Killed , Although the play only used a few episodes , But it took many years out of the play .

The relationship between Gao Mingyuan and he Yun , It's also exposed , In fact, I can feel , He Yun to Gao Mingyuan , Has been deliberately avoiding , Because he Yun doesn't like Gao Mingyuan , Having children was also an accident , But because of the bond of children , The two were involved , And did more wrong things , He Yun's heart is actually very tangled , Her tangled mood , With Sun Xing's departure , Finally untied , She chose to confess , At this time, she had no expectations , So make this choice , Not surprisingly. .

Gao Mingyuan still wants to struggle , After all, he has accumulated a lot of wealth , I'm not willing to leave like this , But with the improvement of the evidence chain , Gao Mingyuan can't get out completely , Those canine teeth around me in the past , And they're all in jail , This is really gratifying .

The people behind Gao Mingyuan , It was also excavated , This man is Wang Zheng , He was in a meeting the other second , He was arrested a second later , The inspection team also gave him time for a meeting , Gave him more dignity , His ending can also be imagined , Such a person , abuse one 's power to seek personal gain , Deserve more severe punishment .

Of course , The positive characters in the play , All the hard work and happiness , Li Chengyang proved himself , He has never been the kind of person who knows right from wrong , This time I can finally live in the sun , Wash away grievances , Lin Hao had been reluctant to face 14 Years ago , Later I also knew that my father was framed , Lin Hao can be a good policeman , What he did to his father , Finally relieved .

He Yong also because of this time , Made great contributions , For He Yong , The most important thing is to find out the truth , He is the kind of person who is indifferent to fame and wealth , Such an end , For him, , It's also a kind of recognition .

Of course , There's a big hole that hasn't been filled , This is the story of Dajiang and Xing fan , The front paved the way for how tortuous their relationship has developed , The result is at a critical moment , To tell you , Dajiang is offline , Dajiang's sudden departure , It also makes it difficult for many viewers to accept , For others , It's just a story , But for Xing fan , This is an accident in life , This pit is not filled , It's really a little difficult , Maybe life is like this , We can't measure , When will close people leave , So please cherish the people around you , I also hope Xing fan , You can get out of this thing earlier , Have an impact on yourself , Live a normal life .

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